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A gum abscess is an indication that the immune system is warding off bacterial infection occurring within the gums, preventing it from spreading any further. Treatment for gum abscess should be immediately considered in order to prevent it from getting worse, as it may result to a life-threatening condition. Gum abscess develops when the pus is contained in a small space without a free way to drain. Anyone can be affected by gum abscess, but studies have shown that adults are highly affected by the condition, especially those with poor oral hygiene. People with abscessed gums feel a sudden and excruciating pain that lasts for a few hours and sometimes, for a couple of days.

The doctor will determine the best treatment method based on the condition of the individual. Pus is formed when the body’s defense mechanism tries to contain the bacterial infection, preventing it from affecting other areas. After which, the dentist will try to save the tooth by root canal if the root has been damaged. As the body tries to eradicate the bacteria that are causing the infection, this results to fluid build-up comprising of dead and living white blood cells, watery dead tissue, as well as bacteria, both dead and alive.
The dentist usually performs a series of tests, including pulp test and X-ray, to determine the current condition of the tooth.

The affected individuals may also notice some white spots in the gums due to pus accumulation. For persistent bouts of gum abscess, surgical procedure may be undertaken to completely remove the infection.

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