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What is "spyware?" Spyware is a program that either "piggybacks" on an existing program, or it's a program that says it's about one thing, while in fact it does something completely different. I was recently helping a friend with her computer which she thought might be infected with a virus. This program lets you easily get rid of your Web-surfing history and computer using history tracks. Free Internet Eraser protects your Internet privacy by permanently erase Internet history and past computer activities.
HistorySweep is a powerful privacy protection tool which removes the browsing history left behind by your web browser. They are both subscription based systems, with full automatic updates and a "shield" system that monitors the Windows registry for modifications that are suspicious.
You should give it a try, it costs you nothing and I'll bet you will be surprised at what it finds.

Use GooDelete History to select an item from the Google Toolbar search history list and delete it. After looking at so many, comparing prices and evaluating stability and speed, I decided on the two listed above. I found them really easy to use and although a little slow on "full scans" it does work across networks (found a trojan in a screen saver on a networked computer) so I think they are well worth the money.
It can monitor how your computer is used, your surfing habits, and it can find files you'd rather have private and make them publicly available on the net or put them in the hands of criminals or your enemies. I've checked over a dozen friends' and families' computers and only one was free from spyware. Things like medical history, personal correspondance, bank statements, and of course any online financial services you use. Which I'd recommend you do, because if you have a trojan or keylogger on your computer you'll want to get rid of it before you make any online purchases!

Svchost Fix Wizard will solve your problem both in case it is caused by spyware or virus infection and in case it was caused by the consequence of corrupted registry settings or malfunction of some legitimate Windows components. I still don't know how my computer was compromised, but suffice to say, it was a major shock. I already have a virus detector and practice extremely safe online habits, but even that was not good enough.
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