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Could trauma, injuries, pimples, cold sores, canker sores, allergic reactions or a sunburn causing it?
You might have a swollen lip on one side of your lip (half of bottom lip swollen), on one spot, a random swelling, with the chin and tongue swollen too or the entire lower lip might be swollen.
Pimple and acne – The other common cause of a bottom swollen lip is pimple (acne pimple) on this part of your lip. Angioedema, lip infections and stomatitis – various infections such as canker sores, cold sores, cellulitis, and angular cheilitis are known to cause general lip swelling, include lower and upper.
Severe malnutrition – lack of some essential vitamins such as vitamin B and C can make your lips to swell. Trauma and injuries – physical injuries and trauma on your bottom lip can cause swelling or a ‘fat lip’. Common injuries and traumas could be from biting, kissing, playing brass, burning, being punched or hit by a blunt object, insect bites, dental braces, lip piercing, lip surgeries, botox, and injections such as restylane, among many others.
Allergic reactions – Some allergic reactions can lead the lower and top swollen lip or both. Allergies could be due to allergens such as pet dander, lip care cosmetics, food, latex, some medications, etc. Some diseases and conditions – lip cancer, obesity, organ failure and blood transfusion can cause lip swelling.

Harsh weather conditions such as excessive wind or dryness These are some of the common causes. There could many other causes including dental infections, herpangina, chapped lips, sleeping with the head facing down, etc. It is a good idea to get medical advice in case you are not certain what could be the cause since you cannot have a lower lip swelling for no reason.
Swollen lower lip with pus and sometimes blisters This can be due to type 1 herpes simplex (cold sores or fever blisters), pimple or acne, ingrown hair, bacterial infections, insect bites among other causes. If you have small blisters and cracks on the corners of your lips, it could be caused by cheilitis which is basically caused by deficiency of vitamins B12.
Swelling under lower lip Inside lip swelling Under (inside or inner) bottom lip swelling is often caused by canker sores, mucocele (mucous cysts), mucosal tags, angioedema, vascular swelling, and trauma such as lip biting among other conditions. Lower lip swollen and numbness If you bottom lip is swollen and numb (or partially numb and tingling), it could be a sign of some kind of allergy or an insect bite.
The allergy could be triggered by various things including food, latex, medications or be airborne.
Cheek biting, piercings, lip biting, salivary gland raptures and chronic adjacent teeth damage could also cause a swollen salivary glands on bottom lips. Swollen lower lip treatment, how to get rid and home remedies To deal with the problem of swollen lips, various remedies and treatments are often recommended.

Some of the poplar treatments or ways to reduce swelling include: Cold compress (and warm at times) Tea tree oil + aloe vera Honey Antihistamines Turmeric powder Aloe vera gel Baking soda Witch hazel and salt Coconut oil Use of ointments as well as oral antibiotics Get details on how to get rid of swollen lips. The above treatments, how remedies and ways to reduce lower lip swelling have been proven effective and they give fast results. My upper layer of filling is washed out, but the inside filling is still there perfectly after 4 years.
Love & respect animals and plants, keep them free and safe naturally without pesticides, everything else our immune system will take care of it-self. I not feel any pain but its swell i have asked doctor and dentist but they don’t know and gave me cream to put on my lip.
Someone please help me Reply Kalpeshbankoti Jan 4, 2016 at 4:12 am My friend dont worry just relax if it is for no reason it will be ok in some days .

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