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If such a race was convenient to you, and you could gain entry, what multisport race brand or series would you most like to see in your area?
Possum Pot Pie If my memory serves me, it's good luck if you get the left hind foot in your pie! I have a mother and two baby foxes living in my field - which would be fine, except that I also have a cat. She has been allowed outside all of her life, as have our two previous cats, with no health issues. Is there anything I could scatter through the field that would make them leave our property? Another thing, if you trap the Mommy but don't get the babies, you might as well get the previously mentioned shotgun and go out and euthanize the orphans as opposed to letting them starve or get eaten by some other critter.
In my younger, single days, it was usually my lame pick up lines that got rid of the foxes. In closing out this series I’ll tell you where I think we’ll be in 5 years, that is, what shoes we’ll have available to us at that time.Now that I have thoroughly hammered the barefoot running movement, let me draw back a bit and place both this, and other, footwear movements in a perspective that I think might give us clues toward the future. What does this mean for Asics which, I believe, has made shoes that work well for overstriders?
Hoka might make a track shoe that somehow manages to stick a level of cushioning in it that rivals the Kinvara, but that’s still a cushioned shoe in Hoka’s parlance because, well, look at what track shoes look like now.
Also, retailers need this up-sell because it’s added revenue, and it’s an added specialty value. We’re going to stop seeing shoes that, when you look at them from the bottom, look like feet when you look at them from the bottom.

The interesting question, to me, is how much this is going to change the really lightweight racing shoes, including track shoes. The Clifton is the highly anticipated sub-8oz shoe that still retains a lot of its height and plush. Running has never seen this kind of divergence in technologies and theories, from barefoot all the way to hyper-structure and custom footbeds. What comes to your mind when you hear Club Med is likely dated as a few years ago they changed course from a singles vacation place to a family oriented sports resort.
More about Citadel on Twitch:THE RAMBLER Wins At Transylvania's Full Moon Horror And Fantasy Film Festival!
This week sees the wide release of Shane Black's The Nice Guys, and as Jason Gorber says in his review it stars a great Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Well, here we are again (inasmuch as the word "again" can be applied to a problem that never went away, and which we've all known about for as many as twenty years).
This week, Shane Black's buddie-thriller The Nice Guys is premiering wide, and as Jason Gorber said in his review, the main reason to go see it is the very successful pairing-up of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. This week sees the wide release of Yorgos Lanthimos' weird satiric drama The Lobster, in which single people need to find love or get changed into animals. Terence Davies, regarded as one of the greatest living British directors, doesn't make films too often.
Right now we're keeping her in at night, though I think she'd be pretty miserable if we kept her in all the time.
The babies are born in March and will leave their mom at 6 mths old - so they have a bit more to go.

In his review, Jason Gorber voiced his disappointment about ending up not loving the film, though other people did. It sounds cold and heartless, but I feel like cats are the new dog--they have been domesticated. Pictures are giving away five free digital downloads of Ciaran Foy's chilling Citadel and all you have to do to have a crack at it is head on over to their Facebook page and sign up! An adult 'possum was caught and when I went to release it, it was so docile that it didn't even want to leave the trap.
Cats outside are at risk from animals like coyotes, fox, and other cats (as well as birds of prey). Benno Nigg who said, when speaking of orthotics, “a medial support, for instance, may produce an increase of knee joint loading in one person and a decrease in another person.” Could that not, to a lesser degree, even flow to structured shoes?
Furthermore there are some diseases like feline leukemia that your outdoor kitty will be more susceptible to. Nonetheless, Hoka is rocketing up in market share – which is easy to do when your market share 4 years ago was zero – but if it continues on its trajectory it’s going to rival Saucony in and New Balance in technical running in 3 or 4 years.

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