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October 14, 2014 by Moin Nex Leave a Comment Acne is the most common skin disease where small bumps pops out of skin. Though, not all pimples (bumps) are inflammatory they are distressing and quite depressing. Yes, acne or pimples are not critical but they spoil your appearance which restrains your social life. Cucumber though didn’t receive much press compared to other vegetables it is has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Slice fresh cucumber into pieces and soak it in water for about an hour, so that all nutrients get transferred to water. Wrap ice cubes in a cloth or in an ice pack, place it on acne affected area for fast relief.

If you’ve enough time, mix it with cinnamon powder and apply the paste on acne affected areas. It’s damp simple to use, just crush few garlic cloves in to pieces and apply it over acne affected area, then rinse it off. Steaming process is good for your skin, it clears dirt and clogged skin pores helping it to breathe. Fill container with hot water and bend over the container so that your face comes in contact with steam. Ingredients in tooth paste like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide does help to dry out pimples but they may also irritate your skin. Main cause behind acne is excess sebum production, which gets accumulated over skin with dead cells forming bump.

Apply few drops of ACV on affected area and it turns your skin into smooth and reduces fine lines, this works by restoring pH level of skin. Only because of antibacterial properties several laundry advertisers use them, baking soda removes odor from clothes and also from body. This vegetable belongs to melon family and is packed with vitamin K, B and C, potassium, manganese and magnesium. To treat acne, dip cotton swab into apple cider vinegar solution and apply it on pimples at night.

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