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Step 6Allow the area to dry thoroughly before removing any dried baking soda and mixture with a vacuum. Before using the hydrogen peroxide and detergent mixture, test on a small section of the carpet for color fastness. To remove urine smell from hard surfaces or floors, clean the area with water and cleanser. Share your home remedies for pet odors below, and also read other homemade pet odor remover recipes already submitted. With a need to save money and also for environmental reasons, more and more people are making their own cleaning supplies, and also odor removers.
However, many people want to use home remedies, instead of purchasing a commercial product for the job, for various reasons. These can include cost, but also fear of toxic or harsh chemicals within the commercial products which could harm themselves or their pets.
Please share your recipes and methods for removing pet odors from your home naturally or with ingredients found in your home below, so we can all get ideas of what might work in our own homes.
There are lots of home remedies for pet odors floating around out there, especially here on the Internet.
Click the links below to see home remedies for pet odors that have already been submitted by others.Feel free to comment on any of these submissions to tell us how this home remedy worked for you, or about any other thoughts you have. Eliminate Pet Urine Odor From Carpet & Clothes With Ammonia  Gloria shared her tips for how to eliminate pet urine odor from carpet and clothes.

Remove Cat Urine Smell - Tips From Readers  Rita has shared her tips for how to remove cat urine smell (and human urine smell too) from clothes and the floor. Hi, I'm Taylor, a busy mom with 3 kids, so I have lots of hands on experience with house cleaning, laundry and my fair share of spots, spills and other messy catastrophes. I update the website all the time with tips, tutorials, cleaning recipes, reviews of products from readers like you, and tests I've done on various cleaners, removers and laundry supplies. How remove mold smell clothing – mold blogger, Do items in your home have a musty odor or mildew stains?
How remove musty smells furniture cleaning guides, Musty smells furniture sign mildew begun grow cushions fabric. When cats urinate on carpets or rugs, it can be very difficult to remove that offensive cat urine smell.
It is easy to spot fresh urine stains, especially on carpets, but it might be difficult when the urine dries. For carpeted areas, place some paper towels over the urine and press down with your feet to absorb the urine.
Pour a sufficient amount of the mixture onto the carpet and allow it to penetrate the carpet fibers.
Remove the mattress from the bed and repeat Steps 2 to 5, then use a hand vacuum to remove any remaining baking soda. Since cat urine contains ammonia, using such a detergent can encourage cats to urinate again on these areas if they sense the ammonia smell.

However, when you are new to making your own products you can feel a bit nervous about which recipes and uses will actually work or not.
When you subscribe to my free weekly newsletter you will receive a free printable laundry stain removal chart that you can reference as needed. You need to remove the odor and urine stain completely because cats will usually urinate in the same spot again. This is your chance to share your knowledge if you have a great recipe for getting rid of pet odors, or get some tips of your own to make sure you get the best results possible. If so, please share the recipe and instructions with us here.In addition, if you have tried a home remedy that just didn't seem to work well for you you can also tell us about that, so we can steer clear of these remedies. You can use a commercial cat odor and stain remover to clean your carpet or make your own effective homemade cleaning solutions that will get rid of cat urine smell.
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