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When bumps occur on your piercing on the nose, it is important to take appropriate measures to ensure that they don’t develop into scar tissues. In some cases, the cause of the infection leading to the bumps is the choice of the jewelry (nose stud, ring, or screw). That said you should avoid changing the jewelry until the piercing has fully healed as this can cause irritation and even infection to the nose piercing, which could be manifested in bumps. On general scale, bumps on a newly pierced nose clear away on their own after a short while and with small interventions such as hot compresses (more on this later) but should they appear to be persistent and refuse to clear away after a few weeks, you should consider seeking medical attention as ignoring the bump could result into large scars on the piercing. Your doctor will prescribe some antibiotics and other medications to get rid of any infections.
A bump inside the nose may also be an indication that the jewelry used is not of the right size.
A bump inside the nose can also occur as a result of irritation resulting from a change of nose jewelry even after the piercing has healed completely.
So you have finally made the decision to get your nose pierced but a few days or weeks down the line, the unthinkable has happened; a red, ugly, bump has formed next to the nose piercing. If the bump remains next to your pierced nose after three weeks of these remedies or keeps growing, consider seeing a doctor. If the bump seems like a scar and doesn’t produce and fluid, it could be a keloid; consider seeking medical attention.
Pus is the most certain way of telling that you are dealing with an infection and if a pus-filled bump is left untreated, the infection could progress into an abscess or pustule.
Although nose piercing infections are unlikely to occur if proper aftercare measures are adopted, a tender, pink lump that looks like a pimple is a sign of infection.
Hot compresses: this is one of the easiest ways to get rid of a nose piercing bump at home. Make sure that the sea salt solution is hot enough for the heat to penetrate the bump but not so hot as to burn the skin. Chamomile tea is yet another simple but very effective way to get rid of bumps at home that result when you pierce your nose. Applying tea tree oil to the affected area is also a great way to heal a nose piercing bump. Directions: add a drop of tea tree oil to any skin-friendly oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil before applying it to the bump on the piercing with a cotton ball.

Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, applying aspirin to a piercing is also very effective in getting rid of a bump developing. Directions: Dissolve an aspirin tablet in a small glass with a little water and shake it thoroughly till it dissolves. Applying over-the-counter topical antibiotic gels and creams can also help to get rid of  piercing bumps. The bump seems persistent and doesn’t clear away after three weeks of home remedies and treatment or even gets worse. The  piercing bump produces a thick smelly discharge and is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever and dark streaks around the piercing.
If applied twice daily in an amount sufficient to Most teens get the type of acne called acne vulgaris which can appear on the face neck shoulders back and chest.
Dear Witch Hazel Various natural beauty resources recommend cucumber slices for tired-looking eye. Make sure that the blackheads on nose are completely covered with the strip and you do not touch the strip for at least ten minutes once you have applied it. You should ensure that you wear only quality titanium, surgical stainless steel, and niobium jewelry. Should you however feel that the choice of jewelry could be the cause of bumps on the piercing consider seeing the piercing professional who pierced the nose rather than changing it on your own. Granulomas result from overgrown body tissues and are usually not harmful and don’t signify infections. You should however not change the jewelry on your own if the piercing on the nose has not fully healed. So how do you tell if what you are experiencing is an infected nose piercing bump?  Well, infected ones tend to look like a small pimple and could have some pus.
This is a hard lump that often forms under the skin as a reaction by the body in an attempt to isolate a chronic infection. You should consider seeing your doctor for medical treatment of infected bumps on a pierced nose. A quick way to do this is to soak a clean cotton ball in a hot sea salt solution and pressing it on the bump until the heat dissipates.
It is advisable to rinse the nose with some warm water after this procedure to prevent salt from drying inside the nostril.

Repeat this procedure 2 times only since an overuse of tea tree oil can cause drying of the skin.
This person came to the emergency department with a painful bump after the wrist was hit by a car door.
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I would try digging them out with a fine tip needle because it does less damage than pinching.
Remember the cartilaginous nature of nasal tissues means that it doesn’t heal as easily as flesh and it is more susceptible to infections. Don’t go for the cheap, free jewelry that some piercing shops might offer as this can easily cause infection. Using simple home remedies such as sea salt hot compresses and tea tree oil, among others (see below) can help to get rid of such a bump.
If that doesn’t help, you may consider using other remedies such as teat tree oil, chamomile tea etc or using an over-the-counter antibiotic cream or gel.
Repeat the procedure for ten minutes three times a day until the bumps clears away (usually in 4-5 days). This home remedy can get rid of piercing bumps very fast by clearing the underlying infection. Acne On The Forehead Ingredients Avoid Makeup the first group continued to eat their usual diet which included plenty of sugar and processed grainsfoods that have a high glycemic index. They call it the teen acne treatment because it is the age where acne pimples zit are at it’s worse. Stretch Mark removal has Acne On The Forehead Ingredients Avoid Makeup been pain but not anymore. Lemon and lime juice is strongly acidic and; therefore dampening the juice directly to your face will bleach out the blemishes in your skin and help remove dark spots naturally. Waxing Waxing is excellent exfoliation courseof action pertaining to treat your epidermis it will help in taking away dead skin.

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