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Wash the affected and surrounding areas with an antibacterial soap or acne cleanser twice a day.
Apply a noncomedogenic or water based cosmetic to the affected areas at the end of a week of treatment. Some people call them shaving pimples because an infected razor bump can look a lot like a bad case of acne, especially if you have a cluster of razor bumps in the same area.
Softening your hair with warm water will help you get a better shave and get rid of razor bumps. Rinse your shaving razor with rubbing alcohol before and after every use, and change the blade at least once a week to get rid of razor bumps. Something else you may want to ask your doctor about is a hydrocortisone cream to help fight the inflamation associated with razor bumps, but you must consult your doctor before pursuing this kind of treatment. Witch Hazel has been used for a very long time to help exfoliate the skin and get rid of razor bumps and razor burn, both equally. The pore itself, according to AcneNet, remains open at the skin's surface, revealing the oxidized oils and dirt that appear black.
According to the University of Maryland, individuals with acne should avoid excessive washing and scrubbing, because these can actually make the inflammation and spread of bacteria worse. Choose a cream that contains either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which will help dry out the oils in the pores.
According to the University of Maryland, the oils in the skin of the scalp can be transmitted to other areas by the hair, and can cause additional blackheads. Water helps keep the skin healthy and allows the cells of the skin to fully expand and release trapped dirt and oils that cause blackheads. The blackheads should be gone; however, the healing process continues and small imperfections may still be evident. Because razor bumps are sometimes caused by an angular cut from a razor, it is a good idea to soften the hair to ensure a more even cut through the hair.

Because razor bumps tend to form just after a shave, you want to make sure there are as few bacteria on your face as possible. If your skin is particularly irritable, you may want to consider trying a local antiseptic or antimicrobial treatment (perhaps alcohol based) to help numb the area and prevent further infections.
Brands like Nair are some of the more popular hair removal products available, but there is a newer prescription medication that has just come out called Vaniqa which was originally designed to help bearded and mustachioed women, that may also be used on men. As far as I know, the only brand that flaunts their use of witch hazel in their skin care products are Dickinson Brand products, but if you have a better way to use witch hazel to get rid of razor bumps, we’d like to hear from you.
If you’re careful about being Green, these might be the natural razor bump treatments for you. Blackheads can appear anywhere on the body, but most commonly on the face, neck, chest and back. Washing instead in a gentle smooth circular motion around the affected areas with clean hands or a clean washcloth will help draw out the oils and dirt trapped in the blackheads. Over a period of a week of this regimen, the trapped dirt in the blackheads will be released and the skin will begin to heal the inflammation and infection. Keeping hair clean using a noncomedogenic or water-based shampoo will allow existing blackheads to clear and prevent new ones from appearing. Water is also important for the body to operate properly, improving metabolism and excretion, keeping you clean inside and out. Continue with the cleansing and topical applications and apply a light cosmetic that matches your skin tone over the topical cream. Whatever you choose to call them you should know that people with curly hair, especially black men and women, are more susceptible to razor bumps than people with straight hair because of the way razor bumps form. You may want to consider an electric razor or beard trimmer for the other days to make sure your facial hair doesn’t get out of control.
Always apply shaving cream (a good one) to the skin before shaving and allow the shaving cream to sit on your face for a couple of minutes before shaving to help it soften the skin and hair.

This should most certainly be done if you get nicks, cuts, and scrapes from shaving with a blade. Their Soothing Plant After Shave Gel may be just the thing you need to naturally get rid of razor bumps.
Blackheads are unsightly and can impair an individual's social life, causing them to avoid enjoying life.
Remember not to touch any of the affected or surrounding areas because this may transmit bacteria and cause new blackheads. Keep hair away from the face and neck, allowing the affected areas to benefit from exposure to the air, which helps dry out blackheads.
The human body is comprised mainly of water and the skin is the largest organ, meaning it receives the most benefit from adequate hydration. Both of these razor bump reducing strategies are relaxing, but you’ll have to make time in your busy day for both of them. Never shave against the grain of your hair, and, whatever you do, don’t shave the same area more than twice to get a closer shave. Keeping your blades sterile with a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol will ensure a safer shave every time, preventing razor bumps and razor burn. Iodine, Tea Tree Oil, or any alcohol based aftershave will help prevent razor bumps from getting infected. It's especially difficult for someone to look forward to a special event that is going to occur within a week, believing they are doomed to show up with embarrassing blackheads. If you can avoid using those trendy 2, 3, and 4 blade razors, you should because those blades tend to lift and snap the hair back into place, giving you a closer shave and causing razor bumps.

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