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Back acne generally occurs during puberty and go away when the person reaches their mid twenties.  Sometimes it is developed when people wear tight clothing in hot weather or dirt and excessive sweating.
The best practice to clear the back acne and prevent it further, is to exfoliate your back daily. Among many of the skin creams and lotions available for back acne, Alpha Hydroxy lotion is effective to treat back acne.
Aloe Vera can be used both externally and internally to heal many skin and health ailments. Tea tree oil is one of the most effective natural remedies for back acne. It has powerful antibacterial properties and so effective in fighting acne.
Cleanse your face every morning and evening using a mild cleanser, a clean washcloth and warm water. People who struggle with acne on the face may also experience this skin issue on the back and chest. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common skin problem in the United States.
Overview Acne can plague both teens and adults, and make you uncomfortable and embarrassed.
Overview Acne on the buttocks is a form of body acne that is treated similarly to facial acne.
Blackheads, also known as comedones, are clogged skin follicles often found on the face, neck, chest and back.
Overview Blackheads form as dead skin cells, bacteria and sebum settle into your skin's pores. Though, there is a conjecture about the affectivity of stress on acne, it is debated that augmented physical or mental stress may raise the concentration of acne problem. Couple of simple changes in daily habits or a little alteration in lifestyle can reduce the chances of such eruption. The root cause attributed for the development of back acne is pretty much same with the reasons of facial acne, and that is the over production of hormones like testosterone and estrogen at the time of puberty.
It is important to know that a strong alpha hydroxy treatment should not be used on the facial acne as it can cause severe redness on the face skin.
Let us discuss some of those which work effectively in this skin condition, named – BACK ACNE. While its consumption accelerates the metabolism and supports your digestive system, its external use shows good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Applying it on the affected area will not only destroy bacteria there, but it will also help to balance the skin’s pH. Using tea tree oil clears the back acne as effectively as benzoyl peroxide do, but without damaging or burning the skin like benzoyl peroxide. As it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to cure the back acne and normalize the skin, besides it relieves stress and calm the mind. Some people believe that acne is caused by dirty skin, consuming greasy foods or consuming chocolate.
Look for washes that contain the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulfur, which are popular for fighting face, back and chest acne.
Isotretinoin, also known as Accutane, is a powerful oral medication used to treat face, back and chest acne.
Oral contraceptives with ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate may improve acne in the face, back and chest for women. Acne is caused by a buildup of oil, dead skin, dirt and sometimes, bacteria in the follicles of the face, chest and back. The bacteria that causes acne is primarily spread through direct contact with hands, objects like cell phones, and by not using fresh towels.

Some acne medications can cause your skin to react to sun with excess redness and irritation.
Apply makeup and facial lotions specifically stating that they are oil-free recommend the experts at Mother Nature. Some have innate tendency of developing usual skin problems, the likes mentioned above, easily and sometimes it is also caused by external factors.
Other than that, junk food, oily skin, overusing cosmetics, some drugs aggravate acne eruption. Ample water intake, good night’s sleep, regular exercising or meditation can measurably reduce acne inflammation.
Using loofah scrubber very gently on acne infected chest and neck during bath benefits but vigorous rubbing worsens the affliction. Our body produces an oily substance called sebum, and secretes it to the skin to keep it moist. As skin on the back is thicker and tougher than facial skin, it can handle stronger medications. Applying aloe vera gel provides great relief from swelling and redness caused by back acne, and helps to regenerate the skin to clear acne scars.
In order to get rid of back acne, dilute vinegar with equal part of water, take a clean towel and soak it in diluted apple cider vinegar.
In addition to clearing up your pimples, it is important to understand what's causing them.
If there is any stinging or burning, do not apply the product, as this is a sign of irritation.
Oral antibiotics fight acne on the face, back and chest by reducing bacteria and fighting skin inflammation. An outbreak of acne can be embarrassing, especially if the individual experiencing it has a social function in the near future. Never share towels and always use a fresh, clean one to wash and dry your body, including the face, chest and back. Intense formation of Sebaceous follicles, chiefly on face, upper part of the chest, and the back manifests as acne. Junk foods, soda, canned juices containing preservatives and additives are sometimes thought to give rise to acne, other skin problems and various hormonal disorders. Two crushed aspirin tablets (aspirin consists of salicylic acid) mixed with water and honey produces an effective paste to be applied on acne affected chest, or wherever needed. Mild homemade scrubbers, face packs made of cool, water-based elements such as mud, can abolish and soothe acne inflammation.
Generally more widespread than facial acne, back acne can even affect the chest, arms, buttocks and shoulders in many cases. An over production of sebum cause pores to get clogged, attracting bacteria and developing acne on the skin. Spend a good 5 minutes massaging your back until you take out all the excess oil and dead skin. To use alpha hydroxy lotion, first wash the back thoroughly with warm water and any mild cleanser and allow the back to dry thoroughly, then apply the alpha hydroxyl lotion gently on the back and allow it to dry before putting on cloths.
Alternatively you can use a benzoyl peroxide wash with a concentration of 2 .5%, 5% or 10% on the back depending on the severity of the bacne. Before you go for a shower, apply some fresh aloe vera gel on the affected areas, leave it for some time and wipe with cotton dipped in normal water. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, "Acne develops where we have the most sebaceous glands. These medications work by encouraging cell turnover, which prevents the hair follicle from becoming clogged.

When your symptoms improve, the doctor may recommend tapering off and using a topical treatment to avoid antibiotic residence.
However, this is a powerful medication that causes serious birth defects in pregnant women. Some individuals simply choose not to attend events and thus miss out on social enjoyment because of acne.
Cleansing twice daily will get rid of excess dead skin, dirt and oil and will kill the bacteria that cause acne.
Clean towels using hot water to kill any remaining bacteria that can cause new acne to form.
Learn how to rid your skin of blackheads by implementing several simple natural home remedies. Read labels and look for ingredients including lanolin, isopropyl myristate and sodium lauryl sulfate. It is known from past sources that the usage of sulphur was prevalent in ancient times among Greeks, Egyptians and Romans for treating acne.
Overall cleanliness and hygiene is of utmost importance in common skin problems like these. They are similar to facial acne and you can cure them the same way you would cure any other acne.
When you sweat from exercising or overexertion, the sweat on your skin, then mixes with the excessive oil, as well as dirt and bacteria on skin’s surface and leads to back acne. Once you are done, dab your skin dry and put some toner on cotton balls and rub your back gently. In another way to reap the maximum skin benefits of sandalwood, you can mix it with turmeric powder, few drops of lemon juice, and water to make face pack like paste. These glands make sebum and are found in the greatest number on our face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms." By starting a new skin care regimen, you can begin to have the clear back and chest that you desire. Salicylic acid helps prevent new acne from developing and benzoyl peroxide dries the affected areas and kills bacteria on the surface of the skin. If necessary, apply a noncomedogenic sunscreen to the exposed areas of your body before going outside.
Remember, a consistent skin regimen is necessary to keep the skin clean and blackhead-free.
Because anyway letting the inflammations heal naturally should always be chosen over administering various drugs and cosmetic treatments. Applying this paste not only treats facial acne and back acne but also helps to get rid of acne scars. Fortunately, there are several treatment options that can get face, back and chest acne under control.
Apply products that are "water-based" or "noncomedogenic" suggest the experts at the Mayo Clinic. Dairy products are better avoided as it contain certain hormones that stimulate pores and oil glands which may spawn acne.
And finally, clothing should be as comfortable and airy as possible in order to keep body and thus, skin sweat free.

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