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They use deodorant and anti-perspiration lotion, bathe again and again, change clothes often, use medicated soap, keep cotton pads under arms etc.
Acne treatment using microdermabrasion is fast emerging as a popular option among people suffering from acne. Sweating does not only make a wet patch under the arm, it is often accompanied with repulsive odor. Grind some walnut and eucalyptus oil into a smooth paste and apply it to treat the sweating problem.
If you are overweight, keep your weight under control because overweight people are more prone to sweating.

For example, bad breath in the morning which happens because when you go to sleep saliva production reduces giving favorable atmosphere for the bacteria to digest the food remnants releasing substances that smell.
For instance when a person has a wound or a cut that is still fresh, it needs to be cleaned and dressed to avoid infections.
Lice which reside in people’s hairs need to be eliminated through washing their hair. In-addition nourished skin with well-kept hair and clean nails accentuate a person’s physical appearance. In-addition bad odor can also occur from the body especially from the armpits when a person sweats.

Your kitchen has enough ingredients to help you to get rid off the underarm sweating and odor. Hand washing is associated with health importance because it got rid of the disease causing micro organisms.

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