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Same as an error 126 message, a bad image error is usually appears when you are trying to start up the computer or launching a certain program. Sometimes, the Windows bad image error message will pop up immediately after you install a program or device driver because of program conflicts.
I think multiple bad image error messages can drive you crazy during the usage of the computer or a certain program. Besides, it is a good sign to tell that some sort of virus, malware or problems existing on your computer.
Viruses, spyware programs are notoriously known for eating up system resource and removing system core files from the computer.
To solve it, you should uninstall all the recently installed programs to see whether the problem was caused by this issue.

Some inherent flaws within the application or hardware that have not yet been patched timely can also cause such bad image error. Windows registry, acting as the main component of the computer, is used to store all settings and options of the hardware and software. If cannot be fixed timely, it may force you to close all the running programs or bring in some other errors to the computer. If it is, do not reinstall the program again and you can turn to other alternative programs when necessary. Once it is full with invalid or broken entries, it will be impossible for the system to access & read the needed files properly to cause either the Windows bad image error message or some other computer errors.
Once a file on your computer has been removed or disguised by some threats, there is no doubt that you will get a bad image error message saying that it is not a valid file when the system tries to retrieve it.

If there are no updates or if the problem remains after updating the software, you should continue reading the next section to troubleshoot the problem. Hence, simply fix Windows registry with a trusted registry repair tool to make your computer always work at stable performance all the time.
So, the first step that you need to do to get rid of this computer error messages is to thoroughly scan and remove all PC threats from the computer.

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