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It is better to find out the main reasons of bags appearance and only then start the treatment. Firstly, constant fatigue affects the face and results in wrinkles and swelling under eyes. There are dozens of recipes of masks that women use in the fight against bag under eyes throughout the world, but 4 mentioned above are the most popular. You weren't up all night partying and you didn't pull an all-nighter to finish a big report. Although they're not usually considered a serious medical condition, these dark circles can be a sign of something more severe than sleep deprivation. If the circles are purely cosmetic, then you're in luck -- there are treatments available that will keep you from looking like a linebacker.
How rid eye bags instantly ageless review, Getting rid of eye bags and wrinkles with instantly ageless. How rid eye bags - men' health, Droopy, eye circles drag— reveal night’ antics ’ll worn time. If you want to remove the bags under your eyes, to have a fresh look and have a nice kick-start in the morning, you have to check the following tips. If the dark bags commonly appear in spring, you probably have an allergy so we will advise you to visit allergist to check-up. You blink 15000 times during the day that you are not even aware of so you have a rapid movements around your eyes. Sliced cucumber is one of the most effective remedy against puffy bags because they are 95% of water which make the blood vessels constrict. You don’t need to spend your money for expensive creams (consisted of numerous chemicals) to remove the dark circles.
Keep some potatoes in the fridge during the night, wash and cut them the next day and place them on your eyes for 10 minutes.

How it works: the effect is similar to cold spoons but due to tea this method also has anti-irritant effect. How it works: Cucumber and potato have anti-inflammatory properties and also tone up your under eye skin. This means is one of the most popular as chamomile is a really helpful herb for skin and hair. When you need express means to get rid of bags under eyes, make a decoction from these ingredients. Read on to discover a common kitchen item that will aid you in your quest for a well-rested look. Just working late and too much partying are the main reason for the nasty dark circles around your eyes. People with darker skin tone have more pigmented skin around the eyes which is several times thinner than the other skin of the face. Just put metal spoons in the fridge for 10-15 minutes and then press the spoon slightly to your eye lids until it gets warm. Wait for 10 minutes, and then spend the same time on rinsing the skin under eyes with this “herbal tea”.
These dark circles are actually hyper-pigmented areas that make that spot under your eye look darker than the skin that surrounds it. For instance, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can cause them; even overindulging in caffeinated sodas can lead to those raccoon-like rings.
Sleep disorders also can cause dark circles, as can certain medications designed to dilate blood vessels. Anemia, poor metabolism, kidney problems and water retention can also appear as factors of these begs. You only have to place some cold cucumbers slices on your eyes and cover them with some bags.

This procedure will help you to lighten the dark circles and reduces the puffiness, due to the presence of enzyme. Take 2 slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes for 10 minutes (you’ve probably seen that plenty of times). So, one way to cope with this problem is to do special exercises for eyes, another – to use anti-bags cremes. If a person has kidney or blood pressure illnesses, he will not get rid of bags under eyes. Shadows may appear in the hollows underneath your eyes due to your bone structure or develop as you age and your skin gets thinner. Sunbathers need to be especially careful because melanin -- the substance responsible for skin pigmentation -- can darken the delicate area under the eyes [source: Mayo Clinic]. Your genes may also play a role -- sometimes shadows and pigmentation are hereditary and can be more common in certain races [source: Mayo Clinic].
Go in for sports, change your activities, stop working for a month and go to the country of your dream, spend a week in a village breathing fresh air and eating healthy foods. Further you will suffer from headaches, bad sleep, loss of appetite, bad mood, depressions and stresses.
We are not going to get deep into the problem but rather tell you how to quickly get rid of those bags to look fresh and confident during the day.

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