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How freshen towels rid mildew, Well, don’t fret because it is super duper easy to freshen those towels and get rid of the yuck!. Reusable moisture absorber works rid moisture & musty, Listed a home with a musty smelling basement. Get rid molds musty odors home basement, Fighting molds home, workplace, ship house mold remediation . Examine the downspouts and clear clogged downspouts that can leave puddles of water near the foundation of the home. Climb up on the roof and inspect the flashing around the chimney for cracks, lifting, gaps and missing pieces. Check the washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, hot water heater, radiators and baseboard for signs of leaks at connections and along hoses and pipes. Check the pipes under the sink along with the sprayer hose to make sure water is not leaking into the house-basement. Fill plastic containers or old metal cans with charcoal briquettes and set them around the basement. If you are storing items in the basement, store them in plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes. Fill cans or leave open boxes of baking soda around the basement to absorb the mildew smell.
Leave dampness removal products around the basement such as Damp Ridto help reduce the dampness in the basement and the smell.
Paint masonry walls and floors with waterproofing paint to stop water from leaking through the foundation walls into the basement where it causes the damp, musty odor. As soon as the house-basement door is opened the musty odor permeates throughout the house. In order to make the house-basement a part of the living space or to use it as storage for clothing, linens, books or other items that aren’t used often the problem needs to be addressed. Clean the gutters to remove dead leaves, twigs, nests and other debris that maybe causing a clog. As the soil soaks in the water, a process called hydrostatic pressure pushes the tiny water droplets through the masonry structure into your basement. If there is damage, remove the existing caulk and recaulk the windows with an exterior-grade latex caulk.

If possible repair the section of damaged roofing or consider having a second roof put on or tear the old roof off and install a new one. You can also sprinkle a layer of baking soda over the floors and let it sit for a few days. Place fans in the basement pointed toward the open windows to move damp air out and allow dry air to enter. Some homeowners avoid using their basements for storage for fear that the mildew smell or musty odor will imbed itself in the items stored. There are quite a few steps homeowners can take to get rid of the mildew odor and freshen up the air. If the gutters or clogged, the water runs off the roof, into the gutters and splashes over the sides.
Add extensions to the ends of the downspouts to carry the water further away from the house than the existing distance. Damaged flashing allow water to enter the space next to the chimney and can flow all of the way down to the house-basement. Just as with the chimney flashing, water can leak in around the window frame and seep all of the way down to the house-basement leaving a perfect environment for mold and mildew growth that will emit a musty odor in the house-basement. Every two to four weeks depending on how damp the basement is, take the charcoal outside on a dry, sunny day and lay them out to dry or replace the charcoal with new charcoal. Dump the old cat litter and fill the containers with new cat litter every two to four weeks. The water can soak the fascia board and get in under the shingles, run down inside the walls of the house and end up in the house-basement. Water is the enemy of a house for many reasons including mildew, mold, wood rot and mildew smells or musty odors. Many basements have no indications of a leak, which leaves the homeowner to wonder where the damp odor is coming from. Those who live near a beach, shoreline, river or stream tend to struggle with damp smells more than those who live in areas that are dry.
A concrete floor must be able to breath or you will get mould and a musty smell.Ad ReplyWas this helpful?Helpful?
Besides a dehumidifier or those retail water absorbers that you buy what can I do about the odor?

By spoostad from CTAnswers:Musty Smell in BasementIf your basement is damp, it may be due to sealing it up and keeping windows closed. You are better off ventilating the basement by opening windows for cross-ventilation from April to October.
Using the dehumidifier too much can be a hazard sometimes, because a humidifier will remove the water vapor from the air, which is good, but will also pull water vapor through the concrete slab, making unnecessary work. In cold weather, the basement should be dry, and there should be no need for ventilation or de-humidification, which costs big bucks. You can clean with it and then mix a spray bottle up mixed with water and use it to spray on carpet, couch, pillows, drapes, just about anything. I run a dehumidifier daily and I have tried vinegar, baking soda and Lysol but it still smells. Thanks, Beverly Answers:Musty Smell in BasementWhen I lived in Tennessee we had a basement for several years. I was much younger then and I would dump bleach on the floor, use the hose to spread it and then swept it down the drain.
It was a small plastic container with pellets and a space that would eventually fill up with water.
To make a long story short, just this morning I was looking to find this type of product on the internet and came up with the following which seems to work on the same principle and it's cheap. It is what they use in Cat Litter, or there are commercial products in little buckets that you open and set around. Get a pop flat made of cardboard from your local store (you might want to get a few) add charcoal (without lighter fluid on) put it in the flat then add Epsom salts (the kind you soak in) over the top! The house has been closed up for well over a year and the musty smell is horrible through the whole house. My husband & I will be burning the wood stove for a couple days this weekend- in hopes to dry it out some.

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