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Sweaty, red-faced, hair in a messy, crooked ponytail, dressed in a bleach-stained T-shirt and capris with the knees worn out and smelling of every household cleaning product you can imagine. Now I’m on a mission to zap nasty bathroom mold and mildew before they become huge problems!
In just a bit, I’m going to talk about the 13 places where mold and mildew live in your bathroom and how to clean them!
In our bathrooms, there are certain hotbeds for mold and mildew, particularly places that remain wet after use. Here are the 13 places where mold and mildew live in the bathroom and my tips for cleaning them.
Unless you wipe out your tub after every bath, chances are you’ll start to see mold and mildew growth around the drain and in raised areas where water tends to pool. The large, deep jetted tub in our master bathroom can quite the breeding ground, and it’s nearly impossible to clean without climbing inside to scrub the bottom of the tub and the sides.
If you have a jetted tub, be sure to spray the jets with cleaner; mildew likes to hide in there. Check your tub and shower drains for a pinkish, green or black ring — a sure sign of mold or mildew. Spray them with cleaner and rinse, and if you’re feeling super domestic, buff dry to remove any water spots!
Don’t forget to wipe down the seat, where the seat attaches to the toilet and those other spots boys seem to target!
In addition to regular cleaning, I’ve discovered that our shower stays cleaner longer if we squeegee the walls and doors after each shower. Warm water tends to pool, especially around the corners of the shower floor, and before you know it, you’ll start seeing grayish or black stains.

It’s also a good idea to run the fan during and after your shower to remove any moisture from the shower.
Check out the bottoms of those bottles and the tops of pump dispensers for hidden mold and mildew.
You know how flat surfaces, like countertops and coffee tables, can be dumping grounds for paperwork and clutter?
My husband does toilets I do the rest … with products like this he will never let me get a maid!
Some really solid advice here, though seeing how beautiful your bathroom is has made me feel rather envious! How build shower pan - cabin diy, How to build a shower pan 114 how to build a shower: shower pan installation.
Life crafts & : dawn + vinegar = soap scum killa, Arlene [reply comment] shower bad! If you have particularly tough stains, the foaming Tilex® Mildew Root™ Penetrator and Remover is a great option. If you don’t dry your countertops or sinks every time you wash your hands (what a novel concept), mold and mildew can grow in those seemingly innocuous water droplets. Once you’ve cleaned the stains by spraying and rinsing with Tilex®, I recommend using a product like Tilex® Daily Shower Cleaner that you spray once a day.
Store bath toys in a container with drainage, and if possible, dry them off every night to keep them clean. We eventually want to replace the entire surround because the doors are etched with hard water stains.
Soap holders, shower ledges and tub surrounds are big culprits, so be sure to clean them regularly.

I’ve shown you our dirty bathrooms, so ‘fess up and tell me where mold and mildew lives in your loo! And the warm, moist conditions in bathrooms are the perfect incubator for  mold and mildew!
To make sure the entire tub is clean, I fill it up with water to rinse away the cleaner, then I lightly wipe down the sides to remove any residue. Mold and mildew can develop on the surface and crevices of door handles — not to mention all the other nasty bacteria and fungus that can live there! The door seals are also stained from the previous homeowners, and they trap moisture and mold and mildew. I usually scrub it with a pumice stone and it wears me out, so I will definitely try the tilex, because I could use a break from all the scrubbing!
Under the right conditions, like our steamy master bathroom,  mold and mildew can grow in as little as 48 hours.
I like to swipe my toilet brush under the rim and in the bottom of the bowl as well, just to make sure the entire surface is clean. Despite the hours I spent on my knees, scrubbing and scrubbing some more, I couldn’t get rid of all the mold stains in the grout in our master bathroom shower.
We eventually ended up regrouting the entire shower, and we eventually plan to change out the shower surround, as well, since it is etched with hard water stains.

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