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Children under 16 should be BANNED from using smartphones: We all know the threat internet porn poses to the young.
A warplane is seen flying over Kobane last night during another evening of sustained airstrikes on Islamic State targets A huge cloud of smoke is seen in Kobane following an airstrike. We help you win customers and stay ahead of the curve using our expertise in social media strategies, Google advertising, Advertising network, media planning and buying. As of 2014, there are 13.3 million Malaysians (45% of the population) surfing Facebook and the numbers are increasing every day. We helped them unleash their unique value propositions and guided them to the right channels to capture their highly targeted audience. They reached out to more than 1 million audience within 1-2 weeks and their facebook fanpage's likes increased by more than 100 folds.

Social media like facebook is an essential channel that brands must utilise to reach out to their consumers. After helping them to reinvigorate their brand identity through design, we helped them identify suitable online channels and platforms through thorough analysis of data and helped them spend their advertising budget on those channels. Frederick Hodges, the outgoing commander of NATO's Land Command in Izmir, Turkey, said the Turks have agreed to open up 'a land bridge of sorts' so that the peshmerga can get into Kobane to help with the fighting there.'It seems to me that between the United States, Turkey and other countries, they are figuring out what is permissible to make sure that ISIL is not successful and that it is something that Turkey can live with,' he added, using an acronym for the group. However, technology and privacy policy change all the time and brands could not keep up with the rapid changes in those platforms.

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