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Blemishes are a very broad term used to refer any abnormality on the skin that hampers good looks.
A skin bereft of any blemishes is indicative of good health and whenever these spots and marks appear one must look into the probable causes that are triggering them.  There are various reasons for blemishes to appear on your skin.
Bacteria and Dirt:  Exposure of the skin to excessive dirt and pollution in the environment will result in the accumulation of bacteria on the skin. Genetic Factors: It has been scientifically proven that certain hereditary factors are responsible for unclear skin with commonly occurring blemishes. Junk Food: Consuming junk food can lead to blemishes as it disturbs the hormonal balance in the body which is manifested on the surface of the skin. Sun Rays: Exposure to strong sun rays for prolonged periods can adversely affect the pigmentation of the skin and result in blemishes over the exposed parts. Excessive Oily Skin:  There is rapid production of sebum blocks the surface pores on the skin and there by accumulates bacteria which cause acne and subsequent blemishes. Any treatment that avoids the usage of strong chemicals and depends on natural elements for curing the condition is always preferable as far as skin care is concerned. Lemon Peel: Coming from the same citric source the peel also ahs impressive effects on the condition of the skin.
Homemade Face Pack:  In order to get rid of blemishes and achieve a clear glowing skin, a homemade pack comprising of 2 spoon of gram flour, a bit of turmeric, some drops of lemon juice and a little curd has been found to be working well.
Potatoes Grates: Potatoes grates can be wrapped in a thin cloth and squeezed to bring out the juice which can then be mixed with lemon juice and applied over the affected areas on the face. Tomato Juice: A mixture of tomato juice and honey is great for lightening the skin tone and facial hair while making the blemishes disappear. Honey for skin: Referred to as the golden fluid for skin and body, honey is a powerful treatment for any kind of skin problem. Almonds: The almonds have to be soaked over night in water and then peeled and made a paste of which will have to be mixed with lemon juice and honey to form a smooth formula that can be applied on the face for removing blemishes.
Neem: The neem leaves will have to be boiled in water for about 10 minutes and then grinded to make a paste and applied on the affected areas.
Water: Considered as nectar for the skin and body regular intake of water throughout the day helps keep the blemishes at bay and maintains the skin soft and supple. When the mild natural elements are unable to cure the condition and one is at a loss as to how to get rid of blemishes, use of commercial products containing suitable chemicals may be a last resort.
Apart from the natural methods and chemical products discussed above, Laser therapy is also becoming an increasingly popular means of getting rid of blemishes on a permanent basis.
Those who ask around about how to get rid of blemishes are not usually advised to resort to laser removal techniques but natural remedies first. There’s no doubt that everyone wants to have a clear, clean skin that makes it very attractive.
There is no denying that honey offers a lot of help for the health and beauty of many people.
Granting that you have taken the right steps on how to get rid of blemishes through natural remedies but you’re not seeing any difference in your skin, it may be high time that you consider other treatments.
When you are on the right products and treatment program, you can get rid of pimples pretty quickly – they can be easier to clear than blackheads as they are more on the surface.

These can include marks on the skin arising due to boils, acne, itching, pimples, rashes or acne. Subsequent action by the bacterial development leads to various kinds of spots and pigmentation on the skin which is seen as blemishes. While the condition cannot be prevented, it can be certainly taken care of so as to reduce their appearance.
For those wondering how to get rid of blemishes here are a few easy and natural suggestions which can be undertaken at the comforts of home itself and are completely safe from harsh side effects on the skin. It has excellent qualities for treatment of blemishes and is effective in reducing and removing all kinds of marks on the skin.
The antibacterial properties of turmeric combined with power of lemon juice and curd are powerful agents to cleanse and clear the skin and the results can be seen in a matter of days.
The bleaching property of the potato juice helps diminish the prominence of the blemishes making them blend with the skin tone.
The best part about this mixture that once made, it can be stored in the refrigerator for subsequent usage. A mixture of honey, lemon juice, milk powder and turmeric add the individual healing qualities of each element into an extremely potent treatment for blemishes and other skin ailments. Applying this paste for 15 minutes a day on the face will leave the face feeling fresh with clear and glowing complexion. Though this formula is quite powerful in its effects, it may not suit all kinds of skins and hence adequate precautions must be taken before extensive use. An average of 12 to 24 glasses of water per day is recommended for an average individual working indoors. The chemicals that have been found to effective in removing blemishes are Benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid.
However the suitability of the skin and the stage of the problem are some of the limiting factors which do not allow this treatment on everybody. There are many different readily available natural substances that you can choose from if you need to  remove skin blemishes.
Ugly patches on the face and other parts of the body draws a lot of attention, unwanted ones, that make a person feel self-conscious. Acting as a bleaching agent, lemon juice is known to lighten the skin blemishes to a great extent. This has been used for treating skin problems for the longest time already so if you haven’t encountered this in your search for ideas on how to get rid of blemishes, it’s about time that you try this.
Apply coconut oil on the skin blemishes every day prior to geting to bed and wash it off in the morning. You can try moisturizers, creams or if not, you can talk to your dermatologist about laser blemish removal treatment. It takes an experienced Acne Specialist to guide you – they will know which products to recommend for your type of acne. Ice helps to bring down inflammation and can be effective in keeping inflamed lesions from coming to the surface. These marks can be temporary or long lasting in nature depending on their genesis and are quite difficult to conceal which causes mental trauma for the individual especially those who are more conscious of their appearance.

The skin must not be washed for at least 10 minutes after rubbing lemon peel to allow the effect to take place. If applied all over the face this mixture is great for removing effects of sun tan and burns from the facial skin.
Products must be verified to containing these chemicals in the recommended proportions before commencing application on the skin. Taking regular acre of the skin with simple face wash after returning indoors will go a long way in ensuring that these blemishes do not appear in the first place. This article will give you more knowledge on getting rid of blemishes fast and easy so continue reading here.
Simply add one teaspoon of sugar or a few drops of water on it and apply it to the ugly marks.
If not, just dab tender coconut water on the area with blemishes and leave it for 30 minutes.
Allow the nutritious juice to work on the ugly marks for 15-20 minutes before washing it off. For best results, leave it on the affected area overnight and wash it with warm water the next day. Then they will guide you in how to use the products in a systematic way to get your skin clear as fast as possible. People who are looking for means for how to get rid of blemishes need to understand the causes first in order to be able to deal with the problem effectively. There are some formulations of lemon juice which are applied in packs over the facial skin to remove blemishes.
Regular rubbing with lemon peel will also help in reducing the occurrence of pimples on the skin. In case there is any kind of irritation or discomfort from any of the commercial products the usage must be stopped immediately and a qualified dermatologist may be consulted for the further course of action. After applying the mixture on the marks, leave it for 15-20 minutes then wash it off with warm water. Carry out this procedure everyday for 2-3 weeks and you’ll surely find a difference in your skin. The main concern for blemish control is the same for acne – to keep any new acne from forming in the first place – this is the best blemish treatment.
Appearance of blemishes due to whatever cause is an indication of something having gone wrong with the individual’s health and balance of hormones in the body. However care should be taken not to expose you to sunlight with a lemon juice coating applied on the face. There are many over the counter products that help replenish the body with Vitamin A, c, E and minerals like zinc and selenium which are essential for maintaining a healthy and glowing skin.

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