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In my next to last year in school, the band took an over-night trip to the Houston area and stayed with families of the band students at Angleton HS.
Over time, I convinced my reluctant brother and our roommates of my brilliant idea, and eventually we purchased a€?Slicka€? from a young boy whose i??father had found him while working at the airport.
Slicka€™s cage was an aquarium covered with a piece of peg-board, weighted down with a large rock. I am sympathetic to peoplea€™s natural fear of snakes and tried to broaden a few horizons by demonstrating that the boa was a viable, entertaining, easy-to-care-for pet.

Ia€™m also painfully aware of those who side with the a€?poor, innocent mouse.a€? Really, people? When I finished school and took my first job as band director in a small town 40 miles northeast of Austin, Bophidius was a big hit at school. She made a hasty exit.A  We had the only front door in Thrall with a principal-shaped hole in it.
Run for my life!!a€? but all they could manage was to throw me on my back where I lay and laughed at myself.

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