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Our Search usually gets installed into computers during download of some free programs from the internet. There are several ways by which Our Search enters into your system and hence it totally damages the PC along with other applications. Reduction of system loading and internet performance: When your computer is infected, it will run very slow and this is the most obvious symptom which can be used to make sure whether your PC is infected. Unwanted Installation of third parties: You will see after your PC is infected, lots of unwanted things will be forcibly downloaded onto your system. Blue screen and system death: The computer which is infected will frequently crash and also sometimes users need to restart the machine because of system death.
High consumption of system resources: Users may receive pop-up messages that warn the computer resource is almost up to 100% and some actions should be taken to repair the issue. Annoying pop ups on the screen: You will find a lot of ads on your computer screen while you access to your favorite sites or some regular sites. To remove complete traces of this malicious species, you need to download and install free to use Our Search Malware Scanner by clicking the below given button.
FREE Download Our Search Malware Scanner*By downloading programs listed in our website you agree to our Terms Of Use & Privacy Policy. To know more about this powerful anti-malware program and its effective features read its complete review of Malware Malware Scanner here and to read about its detailed installation guide, you can visit- Installation Guide. To remove last traces of this malicious threat, you need to download and install your system with Ccleaner tool by clicking the below given button. Ccleaner PC cleaner tool is especially designed to remove all types of junk or unnecessary files from Windows computer with ease. To get detail about this powerful and very effective tool read complete review of CCleaner and to know more about more about its installation instructions, you can visit Installation Guide. Our Search is categorized as a dangerous threat for the system and when it enters into the user PC then it create various issues for all users. There are several cases where users hit on unknown links or email attachments without knowing from where they have received those attachments. It is always instructed to browse carefully because there are a lot of chances to get your system infected by threats while visiting any site or while hitting on some pop-ups.
You should always check whether your system Firewall is turned on or not because it will prevent you from internal infection from hackers.
FREE Download SpyHunter Malware Scanner*By downloading programs listed in our website you agree to our Terms Of Use & Privacy Policy. FREE to try and 100% Safe easily fix all issues that appears in system performance & deeply scans the entire PC. Online Business Marketing Success with Nicole DeanOnline entrepreneur Nicole Dean teaches internet marketing tips and strategies. Guess what that big blue “Download” graphic (ie blatant advertisement) gave me? If I had read a little bit closer, I would have instead seen the download link hidden in the upper right side of the screen.
If you have Windows and want to know how to see if you have any hidden programs and to Uninstall those Programs, here’s a video to show you how.
So, step two was to figure out what FunMoods had added to Firefox that wasn’t showing up in the general programs.
I searched my Firefox Addons and discovered (shockingly) that there were new Addons installed.
So, here’s how you check your AddOns in Firefox and disable those that you do not want there. The files also changed my Internet Explorer settings but I didn’t record a video for how to fix that one. Again, I had to update my default page in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, but I only recorded a video for Firefox. Now, granted, I am not a security expert, and I fully intend to bug both my husband and my Virtual Assistant to do some more research on this spyware before feeling secure. The good news is you can also do it all with GIMP which is a totally free program (and, in my opinion, safer to download).
If you want to skip some of the learning curve and have a Gimp resource you can refer back to I’d like to invite you to check out a gimp graphics video course that you can sign up for. I *hate* those advertisements that are designed to look like a download on a download page!!! Thanks Nicole, the information was very helpful but where did you ever get the idea that 10 am is to early for a glass of wine. Nicole, I once got hit with a nasty virus without warning–all I did was click on a search result in Google. When you do a system restore it does not delete any documents or email, but it will remove any programs installed since the last restore point and it will also remove registry settings changed by those programs.
Windows help will tell you how to run a System Restore–it is a good thing to know about. I had to uninstall the app, then delete it, then clear my cache and re-start my cell phone. I have been the go to person for pretty much every who knows me when it comes to viruses and hacked sites.

Anyway, my advice to you is (if you have not already) download MalewareBytes (I use the freebie and I am in no way affiliate with them). Another goodie is SuperAntiSpyware (again the freebie and I just love them I don’t get anything for say so).
I saw that exact download page today and it was very deceptive because of that huge download button! I just don’t understand how anyone would think that by causing you all that problems, that it would benefit them in any way ($$$$) Would anyone in there right mind want anything to do with FunMoods if they took over your computer in the first place?
Being a serial procrastinator when it comes to spending money for things I like the look of but will probably never use, I got the hump because the email had rattled on about this wonderful free software and didn’t tell you where it was. I had made a note to investigate this further when your link to this blog post arrived.(See, I always read your emails!) Brilliant.
So sorry to hear this happened Nicole and thanks SO MUCH for sharing your experience and learning with us.
It’s frustrating when you spend hours on line trying to help people then have to experience this type of abuse!
I did the very same thing on that site and I can’t even blame lack of coffee for my blunder.
They just make it look like that’s the link you are supposed to click to get the program. And the fine print is so little that you’d better make sure you have your reading glasses on!
This is something I’ve shared on and off with my readers and taught in one of our training classes earlier this year.
Nowadays when I open my laptop I am disgusted that I the first thing staring me in the face is Funmoods. I became a victim too Nicole, for so many times, I blame my poor curiosity to check those trusted sites. How much are the browser toolbars paying for clicks that it is a better business model than charging for the software? Thank you soooo much that was driving me crazy I had Giant Savings extension plug in ads and they were driving me crazy I couldnt even let my kids use the PC due to them being too inappropriate for them.
My daughter’s laptop got infected with this, it’s definitely nothing to mess with! It is a malicious program, once it gets installed in your PC, and then it makes your system very slow and can even damage the system.
The purpose of malware’s like Our Search is to make your unspoiled computer vulnerable and harmful by any means possible and at any cost.
Generally, it comes with several free programs without notifying to users about the change of their homepage to Our Search. It generally displays pop-up on your computer screen and stops you from doing your important work. Extensions, additional browser add-ons, and favorites will get installed and will be added without your consent. Even sometimes the affected machine restart on its own while users are doing some important work on their computer and they do not have enough time to save that data. When users click on those pop-up accidentally then they will be redirected to some other unknown sites that can harm your computer badly. With the help of this application you can easily remove rootkits usually used to install worms, toolbars, Trojans and other malware programs.
Even sometimes users receive emails with a special offer and users hit on those links and they are infected, because they don’t know that those links or attachments can infect their system.
In addition, users should only use trustworthy sites to download or install any software program.
Usually, it helps you in protecting from unknown threats and it also doesn’t allow any certified data to go in and out of your system. She also interviews other successful internet business owners to find out the secrets to their online success. Although, if you look at the bottom of this post, I have the link to download GIMP, another free program, instead. But, no matter what I did, I could not get rid of that FunMoods page every time I reopened Firefox.
I’ve clicked them by accident before myself when I was in a hurry for a project and the same thing happened to me.
Can’t remember which download it was, and as soon as I clicked the link, I knew it was a mistake. One thing I learned from that is to do a System Restore (Windows) as well as removing the malicious programs. I see this kind of thing all the time with file sharing sites like sendspace that have so many links on them it’s nearly impossible to find the right one. It’s a good reminder that we need to slow down and pay attention to what we are doing. I’ve seen it over and over and like you, have to have at least 2 cups of coffee in me before attempting to click on any download link.
I’ve done the same sort of thing on a much more reputable site (I think it was Cnet) when downloading a free antivirus software.

There are various sandboxing programs but my utmost favorite is Sandboxie which you an use for free or upgrade if you feel it saves your bacon often. I recently downloaded a free software program and I thought I read all of the Instructions.
Unfortunately, there are zero-day viruses out there that AV programs may not catch or people that don’t have their anti-virus programs on auto-update. Or I’ll email the site owner directly and ask for them to send me the download directly. Either I personally use them or I would recommend them to a close friend for their online business.
I have tried every way I can think out to stop using that unknown website as my default homepage but I was failed to do so. It generally into the system while running any third party application software. If you became victim of this nasty bug, your total browsers intrude infected with this contamination.
So, without waiting any further just look forward to eliminate it for the betterment of your computer.
To get rid of it becomes very difficult as it totally disables the PC and users are unable to perform any task. However, many scenarios are there which are known to damage the system after Our Search enters. In addition, when you surf the internet then you have to wait for a long time to open the web page or might sometimes it fails to do so.
So one should avoid clicking on such type of email and should scan the email before opening it.
Generally, four types of updates are available which includes anti-virus software update, ISP (Internet Service Provider) update, email update program and update of the operating system. This is recommended because there are several sites which allow users a freeware downloads from third party sites and hence threats enters into the system.
In addition, it also warns you when some threats try to gets install unknowingly without your consent. If you’re being lackadaisical with your business security and online presence, be sure to check out my guide to protecting your online business.
I have had these downloads that just mess up everything you’ve worked for and I hate them. It changed my browser and my home page, which wasn’t the worst thing, but downloaded a bunch of other totally useless programs on my hard drive that were a pain in the rear to get rid of. I am just techie enough to know about system restore and how to do it, but not techie enough to understand all of the details. The next day when I accessed the Internet via my phone, my default browser Google was changed to this weird search like site that I had never heard of and was plastered with ads. They got rid of the malware that had hacked my site and advised me to buy an anti malware program and recommended a few to get rid of any malware that may have gotten onto my computer.
When the installation was complete I noticed that there were other programs added including Funmoods.
This alters all your windows system configurations, through which it can simply get inside your PC.
This is a nettlesome redirect threat which has been solely designed to redirect users to some unwanted and untrusted sites.
Also, you should go through End User Licensed Agreement and select the programs which you want to download exactly.
And, considering they sent me a nasty letter over this blog post, I’m even more irritated than before. Pretty much you just have to slow down and read every screen and never take the quick install option.
They have so much stuff on them it’s often tough to figure out exactly what to click. You download it, the program searches for all your supposed viruses, and then they suggest you pay for the program to remove the viruses.
I almost got crazy with those horrible graphics, but I think I was able to get rid of them the same way. Our Search usually comes with freeware programs and different anonymous softwares that arrives in a bundled technique and infiltrate monetized through third-party installations And when it infiltrate installed into your system, you will see that your web browsers start working in weird manner. Should double check in case something is still somewhere like in Explorer, that I seldom use. This program runs in the background and has warned me several times since thus avoiding more trouble! Instead, I took the computer to my local shop and they managed to get rid of the program on DOS, I think.

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