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I made a plea on Twitter for some recommendations of how to get rid of them, and loads of you lovely blogging friends gave me some ideas! You start off with the cleanser, rubbing it all over your face, and it all goes a bit foamy, and this does what it says on the tin! The next step is the Life C Energizing Serum, which has vitamin C in to try and make your skin look more vibrant and alive, this you apply to your neck and decolletage area (which I totally had to Google) which is your neck and chest area!
I really enjoyed the pampering element of these products, and my skin on my face felt really lovely and smooth.
So,unfortunately in the quest for a bump free forehead, this didn’t quite cut the mustard, HOWEVER, the skin on the rest of my face felt lovely and smooth and hydrated. So, overall: Really good if you have skin that just needs that extra moisture and smoothness, but not so good if you’re already a spotty beast like me! I just found this post via twitter and am so glad to see the different things you’re trying!
Pretty similar to me, I’ve never had a problem really, but all of a sudden out of nowhere they’ve appeared! I sometimes use Turmeric mixed with milk to reduce the redness, and it does reduce the spots too, but haven’t done it for a while as it does stain the skin and you walk around looking like a Oompa Loompa.

So, what I’m going to be doing, is reviewing all the products that were recommended to me and blogging about my findings. The Protective Day Moisturizer is up next, which has SPF in it (not that we need that in the UK at the moment, it’s freezing!!). I also get really dry skin, so I think my skin definitely thanked me for all the extra moisture. Thanks so much to Heather for sending them over to me, you should definitely go and check her products out, or even just follow her on Twitter, she’s lovely. To celebrate my blogiversary, I’m giving away a Sleek Palette, either a MAC lipstick or eyeshadow and SEO tips for your blog! I had never had any issues with my forehead until like a month and a half ago and honestly I started to use a new foundation and all of the sudden my forehead went crazy! Yeah they’ll definitely be contributing to it, because it’ll encourage the production of the oil on your forehead! I am interested to see what else you’re going to try out as hey, maybe we could even solve this mystry together! The really lovely Heather from Enummi Skin Care sent me over some samples to try, and she’s so lovely on Twitter, so I was super excited to receive them!

The next step is the toner, which is you rub all over your face with a cotton pad, which fills your skin with lovely antioxidants and moisture.
However… sadly, one of the products (I’m not sure which one), made me break out on my forehead! But yeah, that’s it for now, I think this would be a product I would return to once I have my forehead under control! Please bear in mind that most skincare products can take up to 6 weeks to take effect, and I’m only doing these for a short period of time, so they may not be as accurate as possible.
This (as you would imagine) you apply all over your face, neck and decolletage area (which you’ve now all learned means neck and chest!) and et voila! If the bumps and spots are sore then try not to use a scrub that is grainy or has large bits in it as it can aggravate it more.

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