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But one night I applied too much or something, because I developed hyper pigmentation, which forced me to stop using the BP. The pigmentation recently cleared, so I was happy to start using the BP again (more carefully this time. From what I gather, Amlactin is a moisturizing lotion.*I probably should have mentioned this sooner, but, I have very oily skin. Also, be sure you are wearing a good sunscreen to avoid hyperpigmentation especially when using exfoliators like BP and Amlactin. And yeah, I know about the BPxHyperpigmentation correlation - it's how I knew to stop the first time.
Ah ^_^ I stopped using BP when I saw it wasn't helping.* And yeah, I know about the BPxHyperpigmentation correlation - it's how I knew to stop the first time. They look exactly like they do in that picture above (except for the skin tone, of course) - slightly raised bumps.
I occasionally dab on a bit of Faceclin (Clindamycin 1% and and Nicotinamide 4%) on any pimple.

I used Milk of Magnesia last week, maybe twice or thrice, to see how well it would control my oily skin (it worked wonders, by the way), but haven't touched it since then. Hi i was wondering if anybody can help me identify what these raised bumps are and how to treat them.
So i guess what i want to know is that can clogged pores raise the surface of the skin and give it this bumpy texture or are these scars? A few months ago, I figured these were whiteheads, and so -- every night -- used a tweezer to pull the white stuff out, before applying a thin film of Benzoyl Peroxide (5%).
Before, it used to be hard, the white stuff, so I could easily just scrape the top off, and pull the rest out with tweezers. I doubt that's what caused this, though, because, if I remember correctly, these bumps started appearing on my face before I ever bought the MoM. I've had these for over a year and my dermatologist told me they were clogged pores but i haven't seen any improvement.
I want to visit another dermatologist to get a second opinion but im not sure if i need to get another referral from my doctor.Did your Derm ever prescribe you any topicals for the bumps or were your only options the chemical peels and laser treatments? We are still working on importing all the content and we request you to be patient until the process is complete.

I've seen a couple threads related to this however nobody on the threads have longed on in years. This may sound stupid but where do u go to get a chemical peel done because i've asked my dermatologist if he can just extract these or something but he said no. So i was wondering if anyone else has had these or if they can give me their opinion as to what they are. So im not sure if his office performs these or do i go to another specialist to get this done? It's an image I found online.* But I've recently started noticing more and more of these things on my face, at random spots.
The picture just shows it clearer because the skin is fairer.* What are they, and how do I get rid of them?

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