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If you would like to know how to get rid of feminine discharge, there are various self-help steps which you can take which can help get rid of this embarrassing problem. The most likely cause of a fishy vaginal smell is a condition called bacterial vaginosis (BV).
The naturally acidic environment of the vagina is caused by the beneficial bacteria which are produced by the body. To answer how to get rid of feminine discharge, first of all you have to go through from root problem.
The reason is because antibiotics work by killing off both good and bad bacteria naturally present in the vagina and although this might initially get rid of the problem, once the bacteria naturally begins to replenish the vagina, the good bacteria will not be of sufficient quantity or strength to keep control of the bad and the whole cycle begins again. If you think you may have bacterial vaginosis, there is a straightforward, ensured three days cure which will demonstrate how to get rid of feminine discharge method to cure the condition for the last time. In the event that you think you may have bacterial vaginosis, there is a direct, guaranteed three days cure which will show how to dispose of female release technique to treat the condition for the last time. Best of all, you will learn exactly how to prevent any future attacks-a godsend if you are one of the many women who suffer from repeat attacks. How to get rid of feminine discharge was written by a former chronic sufferer of Elena Peterson. Take Precaution: Fenugreek may induce gastrointestinal discomforts like diarrhea or bloating, allergic reactions, and nausea. This is the best way to use yogurt not only for vaginal odor elimination but also for your overall health.
Take Precaution: If you are allergic to dairy products, avoid having or using yogurt for vaginal odor.
Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one ingredient which has been studied widely for its health benefits.
If you badly suffer from vaginal odor, you may apply this remedy 4-5 times a week otherwise do it just once or twice a week. Dilute some apple cider vinegar with water and rinse your vagina with this diluted solution.
Soak a tampon in diluted solution of apple cider vinegar and insert this into your vagina to keep it there for 30-60 minutes. Mix 1 ounce of ACV with 8 ounces of water and drink this daily to balance pH level of your body. Alum is a sulfate of aluminum and apart from being used for food pickling and purifying water, it is also used for controlling body odor. Mix ? to ? tsp of alum powder in some water and use this for washing your vagina and surrounding area.
Guava leaves have antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties along with certain beneficial tannins.
Amla or the popular Indian gooseberry has many properties apart from being one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. Bacterial vaginosis, as mentioned earlier, is caused by imbalance in bacteria present in your vagina.
Now you know that the good bacteria lactobacillus stay in your vagina to keep its acidity in check. The natural remedy for vaginal odor using boric acid is more of a preventive measure which protects you from getting bacterial vaginosis if you are prone to this. The herb Neem, also known as Margosa, has excellent antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Apart from the natural and herbal ingredients that prevent and cure foul smell, there are many other factors that decide whether you will suffer from vaginal odor and other vagina related issues or not.
Have lots of citrus foods that are rich in vitamin C such as guava, grapes, oranges, sweet lime, lemons, grapefruits, pineapples etc. Avoid unprotected sex which may cause infections and sexually transmitted diseases, one of the leading causes of vaginal odor. Sara is a Boston-based registered dietitian who works with clients to improve their health by optimizing nutrition. Bacterial Vaginosis is one of the common vaginal infections that affect women in the childbearing age. An infection occurs when the presence of good bacteria is less leading to an uncontrolled growth of bad bacteria. Getting a BV in pregnancy may result in premature birth, low-birth-weight baby and an infection in the uterine after a delivery. Alternatively, dip a tampon (it’s a tube made of cotton wool) into the oil and gently insert it into your vagina. Drink pure cranberry juice at least two cups a day.  Fresh cranberries possess antibiotic properties that fight off the infection.
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You will get relief from the unpleasant symptoms within hours and the natural balance within your vagina will be restored totally in three short days.
You can learn how to treat the BV Naturally at no risk to yourself whatsoever as it comes with a cast-iron guarantee. The best and most effective ways to cure it and stop in form returning are natural methods. She, following a 5 years examination found an extraordinary and compelling regular cure framework, which cured her constant repetitive BV. It is completely guaranteed to work and has done so for many thousands of women worldwide-it is the bestselling remedy of feminine problem.
If yes, it may mean that there is an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria giving birth to your vaginal odor.
Fenugreek is especially beneficial for women’s health as it promotes hormonal balance as well as regular menstrual cycle if consumed on a regular basis.
Yogurt is naturally rich in lactobacillus, the healthy bacteria which not only keeps your stomach free of any infection but also reduce the yeast infection of your vagina. In fact, it is a traditional natural aftershave to control bleeding from cuts that men can get from shaving.
This remedy treats leucorrhoea and eliminates excessive vaginal discharge that give rise to bad smell.
Normal lactobacilli, the good bacteria, decrease in the vagina which increases the vaginal pH. However, if you feel that you are about to develop BV, increase the dose of boric acid capsule by using 1 capsule for 3 consecutive nights. Put a clear label on the bottle in which you store boric acid capsules and keep it out of reach of children. Neem bark extract as well as leaves are especially effective in protecting you against various fungi including candida which leads to yeast infections that in turn give rise to vaginal odor.
It is a natural anti-bacterial that kills bacteria and keeps your vagina protected against viral infections. Vitamin C boosts your immune system and prepares your body to fight against harmful bacteria. Tight jeans or pants don’t allow air to flow and result in sweating which gives rise to vaginal odor. You can find her running, sweating in hot yoga, cooking in the kitchen, dining out, or exploring. The infection is caused by an imbalance of bad and good bacteria present in the vaginal area. Certain types of yoghurt contain healthy bacteria that prevent uncontrolled growth of bad bacteria in the vagina.
Scientific studies have revealed that yoghurt, if used this way, effectively treats bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy.
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When something happens to disrupt the normal conditions, harmful bacteria will grow out of control and the typical symptoms of bacterial vaginosis will appear, which include itching, burning, a white or gray “thin” discharge and a foul fishy odor.
As you may know, natural treatments are so safe and void of any side effects, which is why it is better to try them out first, before any other thing. The same strategies she used to normally treat her Bacterial Vaginosis have been utilised on numerous other ladies, and they have had same result as she did.
Medically known as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Vaginal Yeast Infections, vaginal odor can be sometimes embarrassing though it should not be. Some herbalists even claim that the properties of fenugreek are almost similar to those of female sex hormone, estrogen.

Lactobacillus also helps in restoring normal vaginal pH level which kills your vaginal odor. The strong antifungal properties of garlic also help eliminate the plethora of fungus causing yeast infection and giving rise to mild vaginal odor.
ACV has fine anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that are responsible for its curative nature.
However, never use undiluted tea tree oil directly on skin as this may lead to irritation and burning sensation. So, when you are up to go out and realize your vagina is emitting foul smell, drink a glass of water mixed with some baking soda. This is also why drinking cranberry juice is an established natural remedy for urinary tract infections. As it easily dissolves in water, alum can mix with sweat to neutralize the development of bacteria that cause body odor. While guavas help reduce menstrual cramps in women, guava leaves when boiled with water give an excellent solution to cure vaginal discharge problems. This increase in pH level results into an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria in the vagina which causes discomforts including itching and foul smell. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine, prescribes neem remedy to treat bacterial vaginosis.
One of the Ayurvedic remedies for vaginal odor induced by bacterial vaginosis as well as dryness in vagina suggests using milk and turmeric. Here are some cleanliness, hygiene and diet remedies for vaginal odor that will go a long way to make you feel relieved and refreshed.
Eating Food-Mostly Plants, and improving our relationship with food, is the secret to lifelong health in her eyes.
The presence of good bacteria is more in number and keeps a check on the growth of bad bacteria. Before starting a natural treatment of BV, it is recommended to get a diagnosis to make sure that you have only BV and not any other infection. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that help to kill the bacteria responsible for BV as well as the smell associated with it. Apple cider vinegar contains both antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to eliminate the fishy odor and combat BV effectively in pregnancy.
Yoghurt can be used in two ways – you can eat yoghurt (8 ounces or 2 cups) of any flavor regularly, or secondly you can dip a tampon in the yoghurt and then gently insert it into the vagina directly. Also, wash your undergarments in hot water to make it bacteria free and prevent the BV infection from spreading.
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There is this great guide which can teach you some simple but effective natural treatments and  it has been of great help to so many women who have tried the recommendation it. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, feminine odor changes throughout the normal monthly menstrual cycle of a woman. Also apple cider vinegar balances pH levels in an effective way and that’s one reason why you can use apple cider vinegar to get rid of your vaginal odor.
Just a few drops of this strong antiseptic and antibacterial oil mixed with some water is enough to cure your vaginal odor.
You may actually like to use baking soda to wash your vaginal area regularly to keep its pH levels balanced. Just a glass of unsweetened and undiluted cranberry juice may help flush toxins from your body as well as keep vaginal odor at bay! As far as vaginal odor is concerned, the antiseptic and astringent properties of alum come into play to restrict the growth of bacteria that give rise to foul smell in your vagina. It is an established natural remedy to treat Leucorrhoea or vaginal discharge which gives rise to foul smell.
Here is one herbal remedy which is used to make capsules with the help of a variety of herbs to cure bacterial vaginosis and get you rid of vaginal odor.
The pH level of vagina gets affected negatively and the increased alkalinity contribute to the growth of bacteria leading to bacterial vaginosis.
This remedy helps to soothe itching that may result from bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy. She remembers one about Beth throwing up blood between classes at school, then skipping to the hospital to get a five-unit blood transfusion.
Cancer!" They alter their medical records, starve themselves, install catheters and chemo ports, even convince doctors to perform unnecessary surgeries on them—anything to legitimize the fantasy of their sickness. Just as your feet or breath has a smell, vagina too has a smell due to the presence of bacteria here. If you are buying probiotic yogurt, check if it contains lactobacillus or not because this is the healthy bacteria in yogurt which will get you rid of your vaginal odor. Alum is especially beneficial when vaginal odor is due to whitish liquid vaginal discharge (Leucorrhoea).
Boric acid, which is mildly acidic and antiseptic can help in restoring the correct acidic level in your vagina. Would hope that anyone reading this would take the time to actually research this further before trying and inserting ANY foreign substance into their vagina while pregnant, even douching to treat Bacterial Vaginosis is considered to be unsafe during pregnancy.
However, this may get unusual and you may get metallic or musty smell or even a fishy smell from vagina which can be due to foods you eat or certain hormonal causes along with the overgrowth of bacteria as well as sexually transmitted diseases for which you should get treatment. Here are a couple of ways to use gooseberry to treat leucorrhea which is one of the causes of vaginal odor.
An adult has 11 to 13 units of blood in their body, total, and from the pictures she'd posted, Beth was a petite woman. Accompanied by yellow or white discharge, itching, burning and irritation, vaginal odor may indicate vaginal infection.
If she'd lost half the blood in her body, she'd die, not be home in time to blog about it before dinner. If your vaginal odor, however, doesn’t indicate anything serious, you may apply some home remedies for vaginal odor to get rid of this foul smell.

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