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If you do not want your cat litter box to start smelling after a day or two, you should opt to use a litter box made with high quality products.  For cats, the best litter box is the ones made with plastic.
If your cat has recently released litter, you should take it out as soon as possible so that the smell will not linger.
Sometimes, cat litter boxes smell so horrible because the cat litter itself is very unpleasant. Remove urine smell stain planet urine, Would you like to remove urine smell on they would mask the smell for a while, but we couldn't get rid of it. Removing cat urine smell carpet - creative homemaking, Lingering cat urine smell in your carpet? Dog urine carpet cleaning planet urine, Get rid of dog urine smell in carpet, clean all my carpets and upholstry and have it stay dog urine, cat urine, human urine stains and odors.

Cat urine smell - arm & hammer multi-brand, How rid cat urine smell carpets materials. Pet hair remover rid cat urine smell, The pet odour remover products rid cat urine smells stains carpets cat urine smell – , matter, dog urine smell. Get rid urine smell carpet, remove pet odor, urine odor, Get rid of urine stains in carpet.
How dog urine smell carpet smell , You rid pet odors carpets home, office smelly places environment kitchen cafeteria purpose. Unlike humans, animals do not really pay attention to their cleanliness so their owners must be able to control their pets’ smell. Lighting a match and blowing it afterwards will also help absorb the remaining bad odor ions in the air together with the baking soda.

They are also durable so they will not wear out even if you cat scratched and scratched it.
Another good thing is that plastic litter boxes come in different colors that can match your house color.
You can also make a cat little box cover but be sure that your cat will be able to freely move inside it.
Some people make several alternating layers with baking soda and litter since baking soda can absorb bad smell.

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