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Little dark patches similar to large freckles appearing on your legs that were not there before – they seem to pop up overnight? At first you may worry that these could be cancerous growths but age spots (see how to spot them below) are not malignant.
However, if you are concerned about any new skin blemishes always ask your doctor to give them the once over.
Women in their 40's are more likely to develop age spots, although younger people may sometimes develop them as well.

Freckles or age spots can vary in size; the latter can appear grouped together, which makes them look larger than individual dark patches.
Age spots may be present on those parts of the body that have been most exposed to the sun. You may notice them first on the backs of hands, then the face, arms and torso especially the breast bone area where your shirts are open in summertime.
However the mole you have lived happily with for years may change in appearance; they may become raised or have hairs growing out of them.

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