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Turn a pair of worn-out, falling-apart Toms into summer sandals with some creative cutting. Let's paint our nails like this on the night before the wedding when were up at the cottage! Chinchilla Fuzz: I'm studying holistic skincare, citrus juices on the skin is too alkaline for your skin's PH.
Just put the lil blue piece on your key ring and pop it on the panel attached to the wall when you get home.

If you are going to put any fruits on your skin then just put avocado on your skin or cucumber. I only have 1 friend but even she does not know about it and I'm so scared to tell her. Don’t let anyone tell you how unacceptable you are, or how you need to shave and what not.
Their job is to leave you the fuck alone and realize how different people exist, and body hair does exist and no one is born flawless.

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