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How I'm clearing up my skin with African Black Soap,Coconut oil and my Spin for perfect skin brush. Though they don’t accompany with any serious health issue, neglecting can worsen your skin. Dead cells and dirt accumulated over elbows and knees must be exfoliated using below mentioned remedies.
Not that you’re confined to these remedies, these are my top home available remedies with which you can treat dark knees.
To decrease the concentration of lemon juice, mix it with olive oil or any other essential oil. Research carried out on coconut oil concludes its effectiveness in moisturizing and killing bacteria.

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Dead skin cells around elbows and knees absorb less moisture resulting in rough and black skin.
But in some cases where the skin is sensitive, lemon juice may leave the skin dry and sensitive to UV rays. Olive oil is renowned for its moisturizing properties and lemon for its exfoliating agents.
Mix equal quantities of olive oil and sugar in a container and apply it over prewashed area.
When you neglect injuries on dark knees and elbows, bacteria invade and may worsen the situation.

Bleaching agent in baking soda effectively wipes out dirt, dust and dead cells over the skin.
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Repeatedly moisturizing those areas with natural moisturizer will show you some positive results. As mentioned above follow with a moisturizing agent like Jojoba oil or Argan oil after using lemon juice.

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