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All you need is a favorite piece of clothing with some ugly white marks ruined by deodorant and an old pair of panty hose.
I love to roll up my sleeves and show off my accessories but sometimes my outfit just doesn’t want to cooperate. Have you ever tried to break in a new pair of shoes only to feel like your feet were going to fall off??? By providing your email address above you agree to the Good Housekeeping Terms and Conditions. And if you own an lbd, or little black dress, then you've probably run into this problem at least once in your life.We're talking about white deodorant marks on clothing. Today I’m sharing my top 7 life changing style hacks to help you simplify your stylish day-to-day routine. For those annoying days when you’re hard at work and your sleeves won’t stay in place try securing them with thin hair elastics! To keep track of which clothes you can’t live without and the ones you should probably donate, place all your hangers facing the same direction in your closet and every time you wear something turn the hanger the opposite way.
Between busy work schedules and all the crazy things that go on at home, sometimes (actually most of the time) there just aren’t enough hours in a day… which is why I wanted to share these style hacks!

Rub together the fabric on your shirt, dress or whatever the deodorant’s victim is and watch the stains disappear. Then when it comes time to clean out your closet you’ll be able to see which clothes you are actually wearing and which you’re not!
All opinions are my own, and all brands featured represent what I personally like and support. If the marks are in a spot that’s hard to rub together you can use a separate piece of clothing… it still works!
Seal the bags and put them inside your shoes pushing the bags right to the edge of the toe and place them in the freezer overnight. If you didn’t get them exactly right, they would look like the old fashioned drapes at the top. To clean up a red wine mess just pour a little white wine onto a cloth, dab onto the spillage (don’t rub!) and voila! Water expands when it turns into ice which will stretch out your shoes and save your feet the agony of breaking them in the hard way! Why won't they disappear!This morning, we got a bit of good news on how to get rid of those nasty white marks.

Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen of CBS's 'The Early Show,' came up with a unique idea. And it actually works, because we saw her rub out the deodorant marks, live, on television. TheEarlyShow.All you need is a favorite piece of clothing with some ugly white marks ruined by deodorant and an old pair of panty hose. And like magic, the nasty whiteness disappears!You can also try a deodorant that is specifically formulated to not only battle perspiration and odor, but one that also claims to never leave behind white marks.
This one is 'unbeatable on white marks.' And the feminine red satin scent is lovely, made with a unique blend of floral, citrus and fruity notes for a sparkling clean, fresh scent. Top and middle notes include pineapple, watermelon, apple, pear, aqueous, bergamot, tangerine and zest, and middle and base notes include muguet, rose, peony and marigold.

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