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It has been five years, five full years since I have not had to change a diaper every few hours.
One of the reasons the Munchkin works so well is because it utilizes one of the most natural odor-reducing products available – baking soda.
In order for the baking soda to do its best work, you should change out the reservoir at least once a month, AND in between reservoir refills, I recommend that each time you change out the bag, you sprinkle a little baking soda into the bag before you put any diapers in it. I am not sure how often you clean the garbage cans in your home, I tend to do it quarterly.
Once you have the diaper pail clean and you have changed out the reservoir, you are ready for the last of my tips – further odor reduction.
One of the common misconceptions in homemaking is that air fresheners actually help to freshen the air. I was shopping the aisles of Target (sipping my Starbucks and soaking in a few minutes of retail therapy. Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post but if you purchase through them you will not pay a cent more than you would otherwise. Filed Under: Baking Soda, Cleaning, Cleaning, Green Cleaning, Kids, Kids, Most Popular About the AuthorI am Leah, a homemaker mom of 2 little ones, married to an amazing man.

A diaper is the ideal place for bacteria to breed and thrive and when the weather becomes humid and hot, or if your child has skin allergies, or the diaper isn’t being changed quite enough, your baby can suffer from diaper rash! Ugh… and I have been working on this problem since long before we had our second baby. When you clean the garbage cans, clean the diaper pail, it makes it easy to remember when you did it last. But what the commercials don’t say is that instead of actually refreshing the air, you end up with stinky-flowery smells instead of just stinky smells. Don’t you just love it?) when I came across a new product in the air freshener aisle. I popped one of the Fresh Wave Odor Removing packs into the bottom of our Munchkin last month and I have not smelled a diaper stink upon entering my home since!
I know I am not the only homemaking mama that has tried it all to make sure that when welcoming guests into her home, they are not immediately tipped off to the fact that my day is full of diaper duty, because, let’s be real, diapers STINK!
We discovered some things along the way that helped; but I just recently solved the entire diaper stink problem.
What’s different about the Munchkin, that makes it better, is the construction of the pail itself, and the bags that go in it.

They are also easier to use because they have a locking system at the top (instead of the cut-and-tie method with the Diaper Genie).
Since diaper duty is never far from my mind (even in Target), I checked it out and decided I would look it up when I got home. For those of you with sensitive noses (I have one, too), I seriously, cannot smell the diapers inside my pail! Trust me, your nose, and the noses of your guests, who come over to coo over your little one, will thank you! It has taken me almost 5 full years of diaper duty to discover the real-deal solution to the diaper stink problem in my home, and I know you are going to want to know this, too! Use a small brush or an old toothbrush to really get into the nooks and crannies of the pail.

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