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Please note that these remedies are useful to treat ear congestion at initial stage and in mild cases. Well it might not be an easy task for you to gargle some edible oil (say olive oil, coconut oil, etc.), but if you can then it gives instant relief from ear congestion. Serving an important purpose, this waxy substance helps get rid of dirt and germs inside your ear canal. The Internet has tried to improve communication skills by making an array of information available to the average person.
If you are suffering from this for a long time or the problem has occurred due to some serious injury or something, you should immediately take medical consent.
Sometimes the blockage is due to air in your inner ear caused due to air travel or something else and doing swallowing process releases that air. Gargling 1-2 table spoons of oil for 1-2 minutes and repeating this process for 3-4 times helps to remove mucus out of body and thus treats ear congestion.

You can put any of these to clear your ear congestion: mix white vinegar with rubbing alcohol in equal amount, garlic juice with hot sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil, mustard oil. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The general public are ignorant of its purposes to a wide degree, and often seek to clear their ears of all the residual wax to ‘clean’ it.
A medley of gland-secreted oil, ear wax traps dust and coats the delicate skin within your inner-ear.
Safe ear wax removal and treatment techniques have been listed and discussed for years, but the importance of this yellow icky substance isn’t often enough explored. Put your index finger in your ear and move up-down to create vacuum inside your ear.  Repeat the process every 10-15 minutes if it is giving some relief to your ear congestion, if not it is time to try out other home remedies. Please note that you should not put any of the liquids in your ear if you have some kind of allergy or medical issue.

But reaching for that cotton swab too often isn’t good for your hearing health according to medical professionals. A possible symptom of an ear wax build up, muffled hearing can occur when wax is pushed towards the end of your ear by an over-enthusiastic finger. Whether you believe in candling or cotton buds, the important thing to remember is that excessive cleaning of wax could lead to a build up of bacteria and dust in your ear canal. Parents that are concerned about their children’s hearing health can often misdiagnose the problem as ear wax congestion; despite the fact that youngsters often need help to improve listening skills.
Consult your GP before resorting to ear wax removers that could potentially harm your hearing health and remember that this icky sticky substance serves a valuable function despite its somewhat unsavoury appearance.

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