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Vagina becomes swollen or sore red, producing thick white vaginal discharge, undergoing pain, itching or a burning sensation. Make use of garlic cloves, cut it into small fingernail slits and insert those in the vaginal area every two hours, to get rid of sores and itching problems of yeast infection.
Refrain from using high amount of garlic cloves as it could burn the skin, though skin could repair on its own with time.
Yogurt is rich in live probiotic bacteria and very potent in reviving back the useful bacterial balance on the vaginal front.
Alternatively, one can freeze yogurt over sterile plastic gloves and then insert these frozen yogurt fingers as a tampon inside the vagina. Mix the tea tree oil with a number of drops of alcohol and make use of the prepared mixture to clean the vagina. Broad spectrum antibiotics destroys the bacteria indiscriminately, including the healthy bacteria, present within the vagina that inturn leads to yeast overgrowth. Certain foods that have to be necessarily avoided are food preparations of white flour, fermented foods, sodas, sugar, antacids, beer and other yeast or mold processed foods.

Fresh vegetables, whey protein, raw garlic, millet, seeds, oat brans, nuts, protein rich foods, rice and plenty of water are the potential diet sources that aid in speedy recovery of all yeast infections. The yeast infection is mostly caused by Candida Albicans, which grow rapidly in moist and warm part of the body, like vagina or mouth. This is basically due to heavy post partum bleeding that increases moisture content in the vagina and inner portions of thighs, leading to yeast infections.
Garlic has been known to treat various forms of infections caused by bacteria, viruses, yeasts and other parasitic organisms. The more inside portion of the clove gets exposed, the stronger is the effect, which is more useful for advanced infection cases, when skin is already red and burned.
Mix vinegar to water in the bathtub before a bath and stay in the vinegar water for just 20 minutes.
Yogurt application over the infected vaginal portion provides an instant remedy against burning sensation. Since the immunity of a woman goes down during pregnancy, there is a greater chance of yeast infections and overgrowth in the postnatal stage.

Additionally, wearing unclean or tight fitted clothes further increases the scope of infection. Some may prefer using garlic oil, garlic powder or supplements in tablet form, instead of using the cloves. One should also include yogurt with live cultures (or acidophilus) in their diet to increase the probiotic content.
Apple cider vinegar is also known to be very effective, for curing post natal yeast infections.

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