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Ringworm is a very common type of fungal infection that is seen to affect children and adults alike. This is a very contagious skin infection, and it can even occur in the regions of the nails and scalp. For obtaining a quick and effective cure from the condition of ringworm, one can make use of tea tree oil. Aloe vera is a herb that is widely used to treat the condition of ringworm.  In this method of treatment, the gel from the Aloe vera plant is to be rubbed onto the regions of skin, where fungal infection is present. After the cleansing process, do dip a clean cotton ball in a solution of 7 percent iodine and apply it onto the affected areas.
Another natural method for treating ringworm suggests the use of papaya.To perform the treatment, you should first cut a fresh papaya into small slices. To obtain the benefits of apple cider vinegar, all you have to do is to treat the affected areas with a cotton ball dipped in vinegar solution, twice a day.

Also known as tinea, this condition can be characterized by the formation of a red ring on the surface of the skin. To curb the spread of the infection, it is necessary for one to follow proper methods of treatment.
This essential oil contains an ingredient termed as terpinen-4 -ol, which helps to eliminate fungal growth in the skin.
If you are running short of Aloe vera gel, then you can make use of Aloe vera lotions that are commercially available.
As the first step of treatment, you should clean the region of infection by using warm water and medicated soap.
See to it that you do not use your regular towel for cleaning purposes, as it may cause the infection to spread to other regions of the skin. The anti-fungal properties of apple cider vinegar promise a quick cure from the condition of ringworm.

If the above said remedies fail to curb the spread of the fungal infection, then you can switch on to using medicated topical creams and lotions to treat ringworm. To obtain the benefits of tea tree oil, one should apply it to the affected areas using a clean cotton ball, several times a day.
The action of the enzyme papain present in the papaya will help in curing the fungal infection.
Moreover, since the pH of the vinegar solution, matches the pH of the skin, one can very well use it without having to fear the outbreak of any skin allergies.

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