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I got mine done 2 months ago and i have had no problems with it , but 2 days ago it got painfull and it hurts when i move my stomach but it is not red or warm on the outside and it does not puss or anything.
Is it infected ?NaNa Elli: Thanks so much his really helped me I saw a change after 2 days now its no longer infected!!!alora babe: Someone please help me!!! Indian men are obsessed with a woman’s navel – no wonder they love their women most in sari! Another cause of smelly belly button is urachal cyst that develops in the crevices between the umbilicus and bladder. Sometimes after bathing or sweating, fluids and debris get entrapped inside the belly button which when not flushed out or dried can eventually cause the area to smell horribly. Smelly belly button which is caused due to bacterial or fungal infection can be easily treated by applying some over-the-counter anti fungal or bacterial topical creams. Cleanse the belly button with salt water, and allow the salt to harden on the belly button.
In case of urachal cyst, one must clean the area with anti bacterial soap at least once in a day. Jokes apart, women themselves like to show off their navels, especially if they have wonderful figures.
It is a type of cyst that occurs in a region of the urachus and could be followed by abdominal pain and fever. Although belly button piercing is trendy nowadays, if inappropriate techniques are used for piercing, or proper hygiene is not maintained before and after piercing, it can lead to belly button piercing infection.
Cleaning the infected area with an anti bacterial soap at least once a day or applying hydrogen peroxide several times a day will also help in curing the infection. The salt absorbs all the moisture released in the belly button, and hence controls further infection as well as coats the area to reduce foul smell.
Also, you could apply Benzalkonium chloride or hydrogen peroxide on the cyst 4-5 times a day.
There is skin forming around the top ball which is weird but I've been told not to take it out because it will form and abscess . One such fungal infection is candida that can cause an unpleasant smelling discharge from the belly button.
The infection may cause yellowish green fluid discharge and swelling around the navel which is known as sepsis-septicemia.

In the same way, putting 1 - 2 drops of nystatin liquid, which is an anti fungal medicine, 2 - 3 times a day will also be beneficial.
Moreover inflammation of the tissue surrounding the navel could also be caused due to bacterial invasion and may lead to accumulation of pus in the navel that may ooze out and start giving out a foul smelling odor. One more cause which is also related to urachus is a patent urachus, a surgery performed to treat the urachus tube that fails to close after birth.
If such a surgery doesn't heal properly, there can be a smelly yellowish mucus discharge from the navel. I just got mine done 2 weeks ago and i'm not sure if it's normal or if theres an infection possibly forming or its migrating. My body has actually rejected 2 of themA hairandmakeup princess: Every time u clean it does puss come out? Do Tongue Piercing Hurt When compared to other piercings, it hurts much less than ear cartilage piercing, nose, lip, genital, n1pple, navel, or even tragus piercing. Pain is very subjective and different people will give you a different account of the pain they experience. The piercer will then use a needle to pierce through the point of your choice and inserting your piercing jewelry. After the piercing process is done, you will again rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouth wash to reduce chances of getting infection before you can begin on your after care routine. A piercing for a second time will hurt more or less as much as the piercing on the first time. Snake bite piercing It is worthwhile noting the fact that there are various tongue piercing types such as snake eyes, web, zippers, frenulum linguae, horizontal, side, midline, split, quadruple, etc.
For instance, tongue web piercing pain level might differ from ordinary piercing on the tongue. Factors such as general mood, state of mind, piercer as well as ones tolerance level might actually determine the experience one has during the process. The tongue piercing pain on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not painful and 10 very painful, will have values ranging from 2 to 5 for about two seconds. To some, the anticipation of pain during the process is much more than the actual pain itself while other people claim that the pain during healing process is more compared to the one experienced during the piercing process.
Tongue web piercing pain, do web piercings on tongue hurt Frenulum linguae piercing or tongue web piercing is a piercing that is located on your tongue frenulum (the web-like structure that connects your under tongue to the floor of your mouth) or “is a small fold of mucous membrane extending from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the underside of the tongue” [].

Pierced tongue web The tongue web piercing pain is minimal since the tongue web is thin, with very few blood vessels. This also means that you expect minimal bleeding.  You will definitely feel the clamp pressure which causes a slight discomfort. The piercing pain is mild and if the correct jewelry size is used, there is no likelihood of any rejection or infection risks which might cause pain.
Of course, there is some sort of after pain and discomfort which you might have for the first few days that will not affect eating or speaking much. You should expect some swelling, tenderness, bruising, aching as well as secretion of a clear colored fluid. The bruising, tenderness and the secretion of a clear fluid might last for up to five days. However, if you have a yellowing green discharge after a few days, it is a sign of infection. If the swelling is too much that it makes breathing and eating difficult, seek medical attention.
See more details on infections on a pierced tongue Tongue piercing pain relief As we have already mentioned, there is some pain associated with the piercing during and after the process. On the other hand, avoid aspirin since it will promote bleeding, avoid hot, sticky or spicy foods, do not take alcoholic beverages (they may burn your tongue). Furthermore, do not plat with your jewelry or feel it with your teeth or lips, chew gums (or things), participate in oral sex or smoke. To heal faster, the Association of Professional Piercers advices people to ensure they consume vitamin B and C while women are advised to take zinc by Center for Young Women’s Health.
Finally, ensure you also follow the aftercare guidelines provided by your piercer since they will too promote faster healing as well as reduce any chances of infections. Pain after healing In case you have tongue piercing pain after years or months after completely healing, the reasons could be an infection or injury on the piercing area.

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