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Eliminate Koobface virus infection and get rid of irritating alerts appearing in one click with this automated Removal Tool.
This article will walk you through cleaning up your PC after getting infected by the Facebook “video virus" (better known as Koobface).
Unfortunately messages like this are typically spam crafted to trick you into unknowingly installing a trojan or virus. The virus writer just had to convince you enough that you were missing out on something special so you’d click on a link and essentially infect your own computer.
Comes with tools like Task Manager and Autorun Suppressor to temporarily disable autorun while inserting the drive. In the case of the above example, the virus is called Koobface and primarily targets social networks such as Facebook and Myspace.

You can read more about Social Engineering in my article “Understanding Social Engineering – Techniques Used." If you fell victim to this Facebook “virus video", you’ll be happy to know most popular antivirus applications can detect and remove Koobface.
After receiving a message similar to the one above, users clicking the link will be taken to a new web page that appears to host a flash video (Figure 1). Users click on the error message to supposedly update their Flash player and suddenly are infected with the Koobface worm.

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