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I've been using google as my browser how do i block bing from being my browser and get rid of the bing tool bar i get it back and bing is back on.
Get rid of bing and get google back with help from a friendly, how to get rid of bing & get google back. This virus is known as a browser hijacker – which means that the malware gets installed on your computer and change the browser settings, whilst a user is browsing the internet, without the user’s permission. All these happen without your knowledge, and when you open the browser the next time, you will be surprised as well as annoyed to learn what has happened to your browser.

This is a toolbar add-on that gets installed the Operating System and gets attached to the browser page. My Search Dial claims that this toolbar gives users easy access to popular and their favorite website such as Facebook, Yahoo. If your PC is infected with this malware, you should immediately get rid of it, because it can be very intrusive and your PC might get prone to unwanted installations and email spams.
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My Search Dial promotes itself to be an internet browser add-on that improves user searching experience and installs My Search Dial toolbar extension on the browser. In order to get rid of it, you can remove the toolbar installation from your computer, and further perform a full malware scan through your PC’s virus guard.

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