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When you give valuable feedback on products other customers can see which are the most popular and effective and give us feedback to ensure all products live up to our high standards. Made from 100% natural botanical essences the sachets will be effective for up to 6 months.
Male clothes Moths are attracted to the trap by pheromones contained in a slow release strip, then caught on the glue inside the trap. If your house constantly gets invaded by unwanted insects and pests like moths, then moth balls are one of the most effective and practical products that you can use in order to ward those invasive pests.
Remember, this is not really the best method to remove the moth ball smell but it can be a quick fix if you are in a rush. Most people commit the mistake of washing their closet with water to remove the moth ball smell. August is a very hot month in Virginia and 2 boxes of moth balls were way to many moths balls in a small area like an enclosed crawl space. After all the moth balls were removed the smell still remained in the ground because of the liquid gas residue. Importantly this also give you an insight into which products are best for you, and reassurance that it isn’t just us doing the talking!
These traps are designed to be hung in clothing storage areas, are simple to assemble and installed in seconds. Our anti moth products includes an aromatic cedar wood range of cedar spray and cedar blocks.
Moth balls are usually placed in closet and wardrobe storage, chests and other closed spaces where moths love to hide at. This unique scent of moth balls is actually the one that drives away the moths, and even people. Just sprinkle lots of baking powder on your clothes and leave the baking powder to work for a few hours.
So if you need to go out and the cloth you are going to wear smells of moth balls, just rub some baby powder on your cloth and let it stay there for a few minutes. Remove any remaining moth balls on your closet and storage and temporarily place your stuffs in another container.
You can just place some activated carbon on a shallow jar and place it in your closet or storage box.
The thing is that water actually just makes the problem worse, so avoid washing your storage with water. I did my home work on the Internet and moth balls are a crystallized liquid gas called Naphthalene which is very toxic to human health.
Moth balls are not intended for use outdoors, in crawl spaces, in attics, on floors or carpets, with mattresses or furniture to keep away unwanted animals, rodents, pests, and snakes. Firstly, sprinkle SMELLEZE Eco Mothball Odor Elimination Powder on the carpets (and seats) and leave overnight to allow it to draw out the foul smelling gases.
You can treat the old lane cedar chest with SMELLEZE Eco Mothball Odor Absorbing Crystals to restore it. It’s not uncommon that you can still smell the mothballs after you removed them because the vapors can be absorbed by the soil and other parts of your house. Products are frequently reviewed in our newsletter (see our latest newsletter here), which is always full of great home solutions and special offers. You may want to check our extensive range of moth deterrent products to help get rid off moths, these include our Cedar Wood Range, Orphea Range, Lavender Balls, Colibri Range, Woodlore Range and Fly Trapper range.
While the use of moth balls is very effective in keeping moths away, there is another unwanted thing that may result from the use of moth balls around the house.

If you have a closet with moth balls, there is a big chance that your clothes will smell like moth balls as well. Then, remove the baking powder from the fabric and wash your clothes with detergent soap and water. So I began my search for answers on the Internet again, and read the testimonies of other people from purchasing Smelleze® Mothball Deodorizer Pouches from a safe environmental company called Imtek. If it fails to perform according to our stipulations or is defective, it will be replaced promptly. Sprinkle the granules generously in the chest and allow it to draw the chemicals out for 5-7 days. Firstly, I would recommend sprinkling SMELLEZE Eco Mothball Deodorizer Granules in the crawl space where the mothballs were. This number one disadvantage of moth balls is the strong, offensive smell that the chemicals give off. The bad news is that this unpleasant moth ball odor is quite tricky to remove from your garments. If you have a spare electric fan, you can just place the fan towards the closet or storage so that the air will blow away the moth ball scent.
If you cannot find activated carbon, you can substitute small chunks of activated carbon with wet newspaper.
I learned that the inhaling Naphthalene vapors and exposure from moth balls could cause Cancer. I would definitely recommend using SMELLEZE® Mothball Deodorizer Pouches to eliminate the toxic fumes from mothballs so your home can be safe again. Follow this treatment by placing SMELLEZE Reusable Mothball Smell Neutralization Pouches in the front and back area to continue to absorb the remaining mothball fumes outgassed from the headliner and sides. But the good news is that moth ball smell is quite easy to get rid of if you know the right removal tricks.
Since the naphthalene has probably penetrated deep into the lane cedar chest over the many years of exposure to the moth ball vapors, you may have to repeat this process several times to restore it to its original state but your patience will pay off.
I've put some untreated charcoal and continue to open the windows during the day but the smell intensifies when everything is closed at night.
Secondly, place SMELLEZE Reusable Mothball Deodorizer Pouches in the bedroom and any other area that is smelling to clean the air. In my living room I had gaps on my floor near the window where I pushed the moth balls into. One evening when I came home from work, the vapors from the moth ball odor was so strong in the air as soon as I had opened the front door to my house, I had to grab a few things that I needed and left.
You can also place a SMELLEZE Reusable Mothball Odor Block Pouch in the chest to accelerate the process and then keep it in the chest after refinishing it to protect it against any slight residual odors.
Smelleze® along with patience and a lot of fresh air for ventilation eliminated the harmful mothball odor. It will eliminate moth ball odor from the soil faster and prevent it from entering the home and plants. Because I had the knowledge of what I was dealing with, I had the pest control man come back out to my house to remove ALL the moth balls from the crawl space.
I kept my crawl space door open too, with a small fan blowing continuously to draw the moth ball odor out. Smelleze® is an ideal environmentally friendly solution to remove moth ball odor without adding pollutants to the air you breathe. It does not contain VOCs, harmful or ozone depleting chemicals and is especially beneficial for those suffering from allergies and chemical sensitivity.

No fossil fuels are used in the production of Smelleze® moth ball smell eliminator media. Use of Smelleze® will NOT expand the range of approved uses of moth balls by the manufacturer and render such uses safe.
It only for helping to eliminate moth ball odors faster due to improper use and for products that do not dissipate naturally and quickly once moth balls evaporate or are removed from the item or area. The odor was still around on the tapestries and I figured I needed to do something else to do away with the moth ball smell. IMTEK is not associated with any moth ball manufacturer. Moth Ball Smell Problems Moth balls are used to kill moths when storing clothing and other items in airtight storage containers. I bought and applied Smelleze® Eco Moth Ball Odor Eliminator Granules on the tapestries, covered with a bed sheet to limit the area it would work in, and left it to work for a week.
Repeating this treatment for another week totally solved the problem and now I'm enjoying displaying the tapestries.
Smelleze® is negatively charged whereas moth ball vapors ride on positively charged particles. Thereafter, it absorbs the moth ball odor like a sponge and eliminates it without smelly cover-ups. Luckily, I found Smelleze Moth Ball Odor Removal Powder and sprinkled them on my carpet and furniture, left for a day, and the odor was gone gone! The molecular structure of Smelleze® is made up of a honeycomb framework of billions of interconnecting channels. This gives Smelleze® an enormous surface area that is larger than several football fields.
All you have to do is sprinkle the Smelleze® Mothball Smell Removal Granules in the crawl space to stop the stink entering your house! It is an ideal eco-friendly solution to eliminate moth ball odor without adding pollutants to the air you breathe and improving indoor air quality.
I was amazed at the results and highly recommend using it if you made the same mistake I did. In addition, it can be used outdoors to treat areas like crawl spaces that have been exposed to moth ball vapors. Even after we picked the moth balls up and reported them to authorities, the smell had leeched into the ground.
It can also be safely sprinkled outdoors in crawl spaces and other areas where moth balls were placed.
It will eliminate moth ball odor quicker from the soil and prevent it from entering the home and plants. Both moth ball odor removal products (SMELLEZE Deodorizer Pouches and SMELLEZE Deodorizer Granules) worked very well to eliminate moth ball smell in a camper that had had FIVE bowls of moth balls in it all winter (actually every winter).
The company responded to my questions I had the same day and immediately shipped the pouch after ordering. When this happened to me I wanted to know why, but God was with me the entire time through it all and so was a compassionate man named P.G. The pest control man told me that he would go to Lowes to buy a couple boxes of moth balls, and throw them through out the crawl space and that this would chase this snake out of the crawl space, so I agreed.

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