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I also figured it was a good time to give the machine an overall good cleaning and wipe down. On a side note, I have just switched from a laundry detergent that I have used for decades to Mrs.Meyers. After doing a load of laundry, I now leave the door ajar until all of the moisture has dried. Vicki, WOW those are some great tips and I need to do that to my top loading washing machine.

Very helpful post…cannot wait to stick my head in my washer and tug on the that seal and see what grossness awaits me!! After our clothes, towels and bed linens have been washed, they haven’t smelled very fresh. If you are like me – after washing laundry, I slam the washing machine door shut and never give the machine another thought. At one point I was questioning whether I should be wearing a mask It did feel great to get it cleaned up and have fresh smelling clothes again Let us know how it goes!

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