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I live in Florida which enables me to put the  furniture outside in the sun but it is also quite humid, so they don’t really like keeping the furniture outside for that reason.
Perfect in every way except for the stench of  mold and mothballs that permeated and assaulted my nostrils the minute it was placed in the back of my van.
Instead, I brought it home and it ended up sitting in the back of my garage for months while I tried to figure out how to get that awful old musty smell out of the wood. The key to getting rid of musty odors:  It usually requires more than one solution and a lot of time and patience.
The interesting part of the story is even with missing hardware, someone curbed-shopped it from MY driveway! I really hope they had better luck removing the odors than I did. If you have any other methods of Getting Rid Of Mothball Smell & Other Musty Odors… PLEASE PLEASE SHARE! Denise, I’ve had a lot of success getting rid of bad smells using Fresh Wave crystal gel. Hi Denise, I have used Melaleuca’s Sol-U-Mel and it works wonders on even the worse odors or stains yet it is gentle enough to take permanent felt marker off a photo without marring the photo!
I had mold on the wood in our basement at work and the mold remediation group that came out to take care of this used hydrogen peroxide straight from the bottle. Margaret, I would try the above methods mentioned in this article or even return the dresser! It may require some experimenting with one or more (possibly a combo) of methods described above Mari.
You can also get essential oils usually at health food or natural food stores to rub drawers down with. I’ve tried lots of ways to get rid of moldy and musty smells from furniture and only one truly works.
Unfortunately, we recommend against using Tilex® Mildew Root™ Penetrator & Remover on wood or painted surfaces.
I can only find Tilex® Mildew Root™ Penetrator & Remover?Could you post a picture of the bottle that you used?
My grandfather had built a cedar trunk for my grandmother who used it to store musty linens and moth balls for years.
I received another cedar trunk from my sister in law with the same issue with the most beautiful wool blankets inside.
Let soak in water at least 1 hr with vinegar and detergent, in the warmest water possible, then run through a regular wash cycle.
I have had really mouldy smelling clothes, that sat in boxes in the basement for years, and this has always worked, even if I could only put them in the dryer.
I know this is an old post, but I wanted to mention a product to possibly help with your blankets: MiraZyme Enzyme-Based Odor Eliminator. If the dining table legs had no odor before they got wet, once the legs dry (a dehumidifier may help speed the process) they might be just fine Alena.
That musty basement smell is the product of mold and mildew growing in the crevices of your dirt or concrete walls.
Removing the Smell from a Musty BasementRemoving the musty smell from your basement begins with getting rid of the excess moisture. Pipes can be covered in insulation to keep them from getting cold and developing condensate. Adding a window fan to your basement widows can increase ventilation and reduce the amount of moisture in the basement area.
Problems with outdoor water pooling against the foundation of the home also should be handled immediately.

Removing musty smells from a finished basement could mean placing filters in the ductwork, desiccant packs in out-of-the-way corners, or even odor absorbing cat litter trays beneath end tables. 1Bathroom CleaningTreat and Prevent Mold and Mildew in Home and Cars - Natural Remediesby Dr.
Depending on the wood and age of your furniture, removing musty smells (and this includes the old stench of mothballs) can be a challenge… but it can be done! To eliminate the smell, kill the bacteria and germs by cleaning the inside of the drawers and all surfaces with a sponge dampened with vinegar, Murphy’s Oil Wood Soap or any Anti-Fungal Detergents. If your piece smells like a thrift store or old attic, try leaving the piece to dry out in the natural sun light. If the odors are caught in the original finish, this will help by removing the finish and letting the natural wood breath. If there is still a slight odor after stripping and sanding, using method #2. It is a TON of work to do this, but if it is a piece you absolutely love…it is worth it!
I saw mold blooming from a nightstand, washed it really well with Murphy’s and polished it with wax, but put the piece in the garage, just in case. The methods I listed above are helpful and depending on the severity of the mold problem, here are a few others. If your piece of furniture has been housed in an old house, attic, basement or garage most likely it has taken in a musty order from one of these. Unfortunately, sometimes even newly purchased furniture has odors pending on where the inventory has been stores. There is one that is Cedar oil it is great for refreshing cedar boards found in closets or cedar chests. After washing the interior of the trunk several times with vinegar and water, I used a full bottle of tangerine essential oil on cotton balls swabbing the entire inside of the trunk. Although I hope to salvage the trunk, after 3 washing I’m out of ideas on how to get the smell out of the blankets. Unfinished rooms are even more likely to harbor the dark, moist areas that mold and mildew prefer. This makes the ambient temperature in a basement much cooler than that of the rest of the house. That Earthy mildew smell might be coming from a broken seal on a basement window or crack in the foundation wall. This will prevent water from condensing and dripping down off from them, creating a mildew oasis. You may need to call in a professional plumber or contractor depending on the severity of the issue.
If not to control the mold and mildew, to ensure that your homes foundation isn't compromised. Activated carbon, baking soda, charcoal, coffee grounds and other odor removers can pull the odor from the air. If it does, there is either a problem behind your finished walls or in your Heating and Cooling system.
If you suffer from stinky vents, here are several DIY solutions to the problem of unwanted odors in your central heating and air system. Other odor absorbing substances like charcoal, coffee grounds, kitty liter or baking soda may also help. If you live in a humid environment, try placing your piece with a dehumidifier in a small enclosed room.  Leave it running for a few days to suck the moisture and odors out of the wood.
Try moving the piece of furniture into a conditioned room in your home with relatively low moisture in the area.

Both bottles look similar in appearance but the regular tilex only works on the surface but the root cleaner does exactly what it says…to the root of the problem.
If you’re in a dry sunny area, within a few days the blankets should air out and smell fresh. Clearing out mold and mildew smells from a damp and musty basement requires getting rid of the moisture in the air and finding a way to trap the airborne particles causing the smell in the first place. Cooler air is unable to hold as much moisture as the warmer air in the upper levels of the home. Other things like clogged rain gutters, French drains, or sewer backups can also bring water in contact with the basement walls where water can pool and be absorbed by concrete walls. Wiping down the walls with a vinegar solution will kill the mold and remove the smell at the same time. This is usually hardest in the spring and fall when the heating and cooling system isn't circulating air through the home. At first I thought it was a wax that the wood may have been treated with but can’t tell for sure.
My granddaughter now uses it as a toy box.After a year the odor started to return although not quite as bad as it was initially. When the air from upstairs comes in contact with the air from downstairs, the moisture in the air condenses on the cool basement walls (and any uninsulated cold water pipes that are running through the area). If you cannot locate it with a thorough inspection, call in a local energy auditor, HVAC tech or plumbing professional to find the source for you. Use a clean rag with water to rinse the area because borax will leave a powdery white residue. Most of the standard tricks haven’t worked yet but I love the cabinet so maybe some of the other tips that I have seen here will help.
Have used regular tikex and yes it will turn that black spot grey but amfew days later the black mildew is back. This will run air through your filtration system and also help keep the humidity down in the basement. All these methods, should be tested in an inconspicuous area of the furniture and also allowed to completely dry before refinishing. Use soap on all edges, corners, under handles and underside of furniture to ensure all wood has been well covered.
And yes Ivy, paint and a sealer such as poly, shellac, wax etc will also help, but you want to get rid of the mold prior to painting. Now the nightstands smell CLEAN, try it you will be amazed at what a 3$ bottle and a generously wet wipe down will do. Similarly to charcoal filters, charcoal is a natural substance that may bring the musty smell out of your furniture.
Once the smell has been removed you can paint furniture like new and no one will have a clue as to the history of your beautiful furniture!Collect this ideaDon’t avoid your favorite antique stores or yard sales because of the fear of musty wood furniture. These would be very useful as everyone has some wooden furniture at their home.micI thought painting the inside of the drawers would get rid of the musty smell not I think I just sealed it in, what should I do now?
Leave a few bowls of baking soda around the room for several days to help absorb the odors.

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