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Sucking, in general, is a reflex all babies are born with because it is the only way they can feed (before they learn to chew). Even if your baby has just finished feeding, you might find her clamoring for more sucking.
According to the ADA (American Dental Association), most babies can suck their thumbs safely without risking damage to their jaws or teeth alignment. Nagging or punishing your pre-schooler about thumb sucking will not be helpful because most children do not even realize that they are sucking their thumb.
Most children stop thumb sucking when they find new ways of comforting or calming themselves.

Most children who are 5 are developmentally ready and have reached a reasoning age, so they are able to cooperate with their parents to stop the habit of thumb sucking. As for other babies, the thrill of sucking the thumb was a habit that was perfected well before their birth and the proof of this can be seen in the ultrasound pictures. However, according to experts, the tongue’s thrust and the intensity of sucking is what leads to deformed teeth.
Pressuring your child to stop thumb sucking might just intensify the desire to suck their thumb. Regardless of whether your little ones started sucking their thumb before or after birth, it is not easy to look the other way especially when you wonder whether the habit will carry on until the child is in middle school.

The good thing about pacifiers is that they can be controlled as your child grows unlike thumb sucking.
Sucking helps your baby to calm down and there are some babies that love non-nutritive sucking more than others.

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