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You can also use natural foot cream or lotion after you have dipped your feet in lukewarm water.
Swollen hands and fingers can become an uncomfortable condition, and you can face difficulty in bending and touching your fingers and hands.
These organs helps in the filtration of your body fluids, but abnormal functioning of these can result in excess fluid retention in your body. Homemade remedies are free from chemicals and do not have any side effects also.  Turmeric powder is one of the natural antiseptic powders which contain valuable properties that help in healing wound. Oil from tea tree is full of antibacterial, antivirus and antifungal properties; therefore, applying oil of tea tree on swollen fingers and hands can cure irritation and wounds.
Swelling of fingers and hands also occur if you consume alcohol; thus, you must reduce the intake of alcohol and start consuming lots of water. A sprained ankle which is also referred as rolled ankle and ankle ligament injury, sometimes lead to swollen ankles.
Take enough rest: Even doctors recommend that rest should be taken when there is problem of swollen ankles. Compression method: This method uses wrapping the area of injury with out cutting off the blood circulation. Heat treatments: These treatments will help to make the tissues loose and improve the circulation of blood.
Sleep properly: While you are sleeping just keep in mind that you have a good posture and also you have a good quality of sleep.
Pregnancy related swelling: If ankles have swollen on account of pregnancy then it would be better to stay hydrated.
Tonsillitis is one type of “sore throat” but there is something more to this condition than inflammation of the throat tissue. If there is a relatively minor infection of the tonsil tissue you can use pain relievers and fever reducing medications. One of the most effective self-help or home remedies you can use contains two items we all have plenty of: water and salt. To work toward a less-painful throat and to prevent further problems, drink plenty of water and citrus juices, as long as your throat pain allows it. These products are available in different prices and so the best thing for you to do is compare prices before making your final purchase. This attitude makes many bunion sufferers to endure in their shoes which only serve to make the condition worse off in the long run. If you have a favorite shoe that you are not ready to put away any soon, you can as well have it stretched at the bunion area at your local leather store. The resulting alignment in most cases will put pressure on the toe joint and this will make walking quite difficult due to the pain.
These are slipped between the big toe and the second toe and are very helpful in pushing the big toe back to the normal alignment and some of the pressure will be taken out of the joint. Ice is very helpful in reducing the swelling as well as doing away with the feverish feeling that come with heat. You do not have to live with unbearable pain caused by that bunion while there are myriad remedies at your disposal. You do not have to live another day with that kind of pain and inconvenience while you can have it taken care of in the best and most convenient way you could ever think of.

In fact the first few symptoms of arthritis include inflammation and swelling along with pain and stiffness.
Hand swelling is also known as edema, and this can even result from severe infections or trauma. Both fingers and hands are the most overworked parts of your body; therefore, they are normal to get swollen. In maximum cases, the main cause for swelling in hands and fingers is due to retention of more fluids.
Apart from this, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is also responsible for swollen fingers and hands.
There are a number of creams and lotions available in the market for reducing swelling of hands and fingers. Always consult your doctor so that he or she can help you to get rid of swollen fingers and hands quickly. But in case if pain and symptoms are still there you may consult your doctor and tell him to prescribe you a pain killer. Human beings are born with gland-like items in their throats that sometimes become infected and sell up.
When someone suffers from this condition he or she might also have a fever, get a headache and might even lose the ability to speak for a short time.
Medical professionals generally test for strep infections when people come to them with complaints of sore throat. If the infection is bacterial your doctor should prescribe antibiotics to kill the bacteria. Put a small amount of salt in a glass of water (usually half a teaspoon or a bit more) and gargle with this.
You do not necessarily need a luxurious home spa to enjoy this; a basin can as well help you attain this end. Put the salt in the basin and mix it with lukewarm water before soaking your foot for anything between 10 to 15 minutes. Stretching exercises really work well when it comes to addressing the problem of sore joints including toes. You will notice that there are quite a number of topical pain relief creams and gels available in local stores and online. Other products have a component called capsaicin which is gotten from chili pepper and this is very instrumental in temporarily blocking pain signals in areas where it is applied. As always, make sure you go for the best product in the market so that you have value for money. One of the things that happen with the presence of a bunion is that the size of the foot tends to increase. Many people will however dismiss the option of as they picture some kind of old shoes that will make them look awkward.
Well, the good news is that there are very fashionable shoes available and these come in a number of styles giving you options to choose from. If you try home remedies and the pressure seems to be increasing more and more, it could be high time you visit your doctor. The doctor could also advice you to make use of padded shoe inserts which is very helpful in distributing pressure evenly in the course of movement, thus preventing the bunion from worsening.

As soon as you set your feet on ground, the pain will kick in forcing you to take them off ground and halt your activities.
If you have these symptoms are having trouble, you should undergo a medical examination to pin down real cause of pain because there can also be a problem with your kidneys or the nerve circulatory system.
But if your swollen feet aren’t anything serious, these tips will hopefully be the end of your pain.
Swollen fingers and hands during pregnancy are common, as this is caused because of water retention in the body. These days most of these products include harmful chemicals which results in irritation and allergy.
Garlic is another natural ingredient which helps you to get rid of swollen fingers and hands.
But if the ankle is too bad even after several weeks of treatment then there are chances that the vein has become hepatic and there might be some critical problem like kidney problem or liver disease.
Doctors can usually tell if the tonsils are infected by looking into the throat for signs of white or puss-filled patches. The symptoms may be the same or similar to tonsillitis but strep infections should be treated with prescription antibiotics. As would be the case with any kind of pain, the best thing to do is to seek medical assistance.
You will be amazed at the range of options at your disposal when you search for shoes that are ideal for people with bunions. You realize that the presence of bunions causes enlargement of the big toe joint pushing the big toe outwards.
You could wrap ice in a towel and then proceed to apply it on the bunion for a period of 10 to 15 minutes. Any abnormality that takes place in kidney and liver can even cause swelling in fingers and hands. Swollen fingers and hands is also a sign of arthritis, blood disorder, heart disease and thyroid malfunction.
Chopped garlic has a powerful chemical substance known as Allicin; this is a strong antibiotic. These don’t necessarily kill bacteria but they do numb the pain and help you resume normal swallowing. Do what you can to relieve the pain and keep the throat flushed with water and natural juices. The term bunion in itself means a bump and this describes its appearance on the foot either on the big or small toe. It improves your immune system and helps in preventing germs, as well as reproduction of germs.
Swelling of organs is caused due to accumulation of excess fluids in the area which is affected.
Don’t stop taking these medications before the indicated time because bacteria will still be present after your throat pain and swelling is gone.

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