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Pimples or Acne is a type of skin disease and it appears on the neck, face, chest, shoulder and back.
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Once your pimples disappear, the most depressing thing is the marks that they leave behind.

Use some soap free cleansers, which are gentle on your skin and devoid of any harsh chemicals, to deeply cleanse your skin. While cleansing your skin avoid scrubbing it too hard, because scrubbing can irritate your skin pores and this can lead to further breakouts.
When buying a cleanser, look for one which has the right pH balance and contains either salicylic acid on benzoil peroxide.
To prevent further outbreaks, you must use some topical treatment which contains benzoil peroxide or glycolic acid all over your face skin.
Getting rid of blemishes takes a long time, and for a temporary cover-up you may have to use makeup. When you’re in a hurry to get ready for a party or some other occasion, just to wipe your face with a toner and then rinse it off with plain cold water. There are lots of medicines in the market to eliminate pimples, but now you can eliminate the same with home remedies.
So having fought one battle, of getting rid of pimples, you are faced with another Herculean task and that is to get rid of those unsightly marks.

Both, foundation and dab concealer are equally good to cover up blemishes, it’s just that you need to be particular about how you spread the concealer to match with the remaining skin.
To reduce the redness and swelling on your skin, get yourself a cortisone cream that’s freely available at most drugstores. Keeping your skin well moisturized and covering it up with sunscreen to prevent sun damage are two other essential aspects to help your skin to fight the blemishes left by pimples.
Blend the concealer well with your skin using either a makeup brush or your fingertips to avoid looking blotchy.

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