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While Kerry Washington has not publicly confirmed or denied whether she has had plastic surgery, many fans and experts believe that she has. Her new nose, experts agree, fits her face much better and gives her a more glamorous look.
Some plastic surgery experts also believe that she has had some kind of cheek augmentation done, which refines and defines her cheekbones.
There will be mass hysteria and confusion because all the little insecure sheep that make up the Hollywood female population will no longer know whom it is they want to look like. At this point Jane Q Public won’t know what to wear , how to do her hair , what type of man or woman to date Jane Q Public will be wandering the streets looking disheveled because she will no longer have her mirror in Hollywood to look at .

The star of the film For Colored Girls does look subtly different than she did in her earlier roles, such as the sister of Derek in the movie Save the Last Dance. Kerry also may have had an upper eyelid surgery, or Blepharoplasty, to enhance her eyes and make them stand out. Most likely the procedure done for this includes filler such as Sculptra, Juvederm, or Restylane.
In order to reduce the wrinkles between her eyebrows and around her eyes and mouth, it is thought that she had some Botox injections in those areas. Kerry’s lips also appear to be fuller than they were previously, which lends belief to speculation that she has also had filler injections in both upper and lower lips.

Kerry has always been beautiful, but her new look gives her a more refined look, fit for the A-list actress that she is becoming.
Regardless of the procedures she may or may not have had done, Kerry is a beautiful actress both inside and out.
It appears that she may have had a very minor nose job, which has refined the tip and narrowed her nose.

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