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SALT LAKE CITY -- Police in Salt Lake County launched a crackdown of sorts Wednesday on an over-the-counter substitute for marijuana. For now, police are just giving a gentle request that shop owners stop selling the popular product known as Spice, but they're threatening to get tough later.
Unified police are making house calls, not just at head shops, but at ordinary convenience stores as well. You can roll Spice up in a joint or smoke it in a pipe, but either way there's a problem for law enforcement and employers: It doesn't show up on drug tests. Spice is a legal herb that can be found in smoke shops and convenience stores for anywhere between $13 and $26 a gram. Officers admit that interpretation is shaky and needs clarification in the courts, but they hope shop owners will choose public responsibility over profits.
The movement to demilitarize America’s police forces may have just begun in Davis, California.
The college town’s police force has 60 days to get rid of a military surplus armored vehicle, on orders of the city council.
In the end, the city council voted 4-1 to order the city’s police to get rid of an army surplus mine-resistant armor protected vehicle (MRAP). The council was apparently responding to large numbers of voters who turned out to voice their displeasure with the presence of the MRAP [2] on their streets. Mayor Pro Term Robb Davis put forward an anti-MRAP resolution that the city council ultimately adopted.

Black and his assistant, Darren Pytel, failed in an effort to justify their MRAP [4] acquisition.
It is not clear what will happen to the vehicle, which was acquired through the Pentagon’s 1033 program.
The MRAP is a 14 to 18 ton wheeled armored personal carrier designed to protect troops from landmines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), light artillery and gunfire. The MRAP is based on the Casspir, a huge armored vehicle that has been deployed by the South African military since the 1980s.
DAVIS (CBS13) — The Davis City Council has told the police department it must get rid of a military vehicle it received in the next 60 days. The controversy over the mine-resistant, ambush protected vehicle attracted a large crowd on Tuesday that was largely against it. Davis Police Chief Landry Black made the department’s case for the acquisition, showing high-power weapons his officers have confiscated this year. A big concern for protesters is the vehicle could be used to quash peaceful protests and demonstrations, especially in light of clashes between heavily-armored police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting death of Michael Brown. The chief promised specific guidelines for its use, and said like many police forces who now have the armored vehicles, it’s a necessary piece of safety equipment. Sellers told KSL the herb gives users a "great high," a high comparable to that of marijuana. I demand it, I demand it!” an unidentified resident said at an August 26 city council meeting.

They showed the audience pictures of semiautomatic rifles and other weapons they said were seized from criminals in Davis. The Pentagon has donated 601 MRAPs [6] to US police forces, and the Department of Homeland Security provides grants that help law enforcement agencies buy a similar vehicle called a Bear Cat, Yahoo reported. The US Army and Marines began adopting the vehicles in 2007 when the old military transport, the Humvee, proved extremely vulnerable to guerrilla attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Before the collapse of the racist Apartheid regime, the South African military deployed MRAPs against black South Africans.
A petition is circulating asking the council to press the police to either get rid of or destroy the vehicle.
That’s how the Sacramento Police Department received its two helicopters, and Vallejo Police received their own military vehicle—complete with bulletproof tires. They say its easy availability is undermining efforts to straighten out drug users who are under court supervision.
The only states that are currently MRAP-free are Delaware, Vermont, Rhode Island and Alaska.

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