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Broccoli – Broccoli is ideal when you want to eradicate Fordyce spots from lips and other body parts. Water – Drinking water is required for staying healthy anyways, and when you want to keep these spots at bay, you should drink plenty of water. Essential oils – You may have used one or more essential oil for aromatherapy or relaxing bath.
Garlic – this common kitchen ingredient may have a strong odor that puts off some people, but its healing and medicinal properties cannot be overlooked. Spinach – It is a vegetable with various health benefits and the famous cartoon character Popeye pops it now and then!

Citrus fruits – Eating citrus fruit supply your body with a dose of vitamin C and key antioxidants.
While some doctors may suggest using methods like Trichloroacetic Acid Chemical Peel, Pulsed dye lasers or Cryosurgery- these may have subtle to moderate side effects. They are replete with vitamin C and intake of this vitamin may eventually reduce these spots. You may drink the fruit juice, eat them raw or even dab the fruit juices on the lips with cotton balls. It is prudent that you resort to natural and home based remedies to get rid of these spots.

Little white spots are appearing on the lips without causing pain are what a lot of people have to cope with. For example, you may combine tea tree or rosemary essential oil with jojoba oil and apply it on Fordyce Spots Lips. Also called Fordyce’s lesion or disease, it has been named after John Addison Fordyce-a noted dermatologist who spotted it first.

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