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In this video from cheezz12345 we learn a home remedy to get rid of under eye dark circles and puffy eyes. Before I explain you the various home remedies for healing dark circles, it is important to state the reason why they appear. Dark circles are black spots, which appear around the eyes when a person gets older in age. Lack Of Nutrients: Yet another major reason for dark circles to appear is none than due to lack of essential vitamins in the body. Improper sleeping habits are one of the major reasons for the dark circles to appear around your eyes. When it comes to the question how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, this is something you need to pay attention to. About Us"S2A-Studio" Is One Of The Best Beauty Blogs In The Internet That Gives You Safe, Natural & Effective Tips To Flaunt Your Beautiful Side. The question how to Get Rid of Black Circles Under Your Eyes has been asked 1218 times by our users. You can get rid of those ugly black rings under your eyes by properly following some easy natural home remedies for Dark Circles eyes. After using my DIY eye gel, I see my dark circles and puffy eyes starting to disappear in minutes!
Did you know that apply eye gel or eye cream improperly can actually cause puffy eyes and dark circles?
Never place it on the eyelids because the eye product will travel about an inch away from where the product was. Even if you decide not to make your own amazing eye gel, try to purchase skin care products that are in a tube or air tight pump bottle.
Suppose, you inherit either thin or fair skin below your eyes, then it is obvious for blood pool formation over there (frequently because of less blood circulation). I had always taken mine as one of my perfect features until 2 different ledges seemed appearing under my little windows.
Rubbing your eyes to relieve few itches occasionally is common but doing it often every day leads to dark circles.

All you have to do is to dip 2 metal spoons into the water & place it in the freezer immediately at night. With a lighter formula, you will instantly feel your eye's skin area soaked up with moisture. Some say to go clockwise or counter clockwise when applying to avoid accumulating fluids into our sinus canal. For me, I use it when my skin area around my eyes are dry and when I wake up looking like a hot mess from lack of sleep, or watched a sappy movie. Many eye care products are sold in clear jars and it loses it effectiveness over time from light exposure and air. If you are one among them, who often eats out – munching all junks like pizzas, burgers, fried chicken, pastries, noodles, cakes, soda, ice creams and so on then dark bags are sure to be noticed around your eyes. These harmful chemicals go deep into the face & make darker spots around the face to form. If you happen to do both the things wrong, then you should soon see visible lines and wrinkles. Take 2 spoons out in the morning & place the rounded part against the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes before getting ready for your work or school. It may help diminish their appearance a bit, but get rid circles for good, first consider source. Puffy, swollen eyelids dark circles under the eyes can occur when you have an eye infection such as pink eye. Once you turn your daily diet healthy – with fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits, brown rice, juice, water, fiber rich stuffs etc then you will have a clear skin around your eyes too. If that particular area gets darker, then it might mean that your dark circles are because of aging or genetics. Therefore, sleep with your back absolutely straight, head high & body completely relaxed. It is very important for a human to have deep sound sleep every night after those hectic work schedules.
Apart from these, it also ensures that there is a smooth blood flow around all the body parts.

Have you ever noticed your feet friction leaves behind those dark marks on its insole or foot bed? Avoid junks, fast foods, oily foods and other in-nutritious items because this is going to affect your internal health.
You can easily notice this through those visible dark bags under the eyes, which almost ruins the entire beautiful face. On the other hand, if color does not change, then allergies or UV rays are most likely the cause. All it does is – spoils your entire personality, makes you feel less confident and embarrassed to face the outer world. Due to stress, anxiety, panics & worries, one cannot have a relaxed sleep, which he or she is actually supposed to.
When you constantly rub something against something, it is common for the part to become dark. However, do not be worried because with few natural tricks, you can soon have a clear skin under your eyes. Now, when there is a good blood circulation around the eyes then it rejuvenates your skin as well. Focus doing few yoga poses as well because it stimulates breathing & leaves a refreshing skin. The veins under them are very prominent when you are tired because your adrenal glands are being squeezed dry to make cortisol and other sympathetic hormones to try to keep you awake.
However, when you are tired, your adrenal glands become "tired" and produces less cortisol and sympathetic hormones.
This results in more vasodilation and venodilation, manifesting as more blood flow and a darker tone of the skin under your eyes.

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