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2.) Softening your hair (the area you want to shave) with warm water will help you get a better shave and get rid of razor bumps. Comment, Write, Email, Text! If you find a post interesting & want to comment, just click on the word comment below the post. When red bumps appear on one's face, it is usually assumed that they have been hit with the curse of acne, however, that is not always the case.
Step 2According to Pamela Carr, MD, a dermatologist in Texas, a chemical peel has been proven to clear up red bumps on faces. Step 3According to Womens Health, there are a few household items that have helped some people control or rid of the red bumps all together.
Step 4The most important thing to remember when you have identified these bumps is not to scratch at them if they are itchy. After all, improper shaving brings them in the first place! Here are some rules to follow. So in other words, try to moisturize your forehead more frequently and use some scrub now and again.Hope this help.
Peri-oral dermatitis, skin allergies, stress, rosacea, and hives are a few of the known causes of red bumps on the face.

Have you switched cosmetics, laundry detergent, body washes, shampoos, or lotions recently?
A chemical peel is a topically applied acid that aides in the renewal and restoration of the surface of the skin on your face. Sensitive skin lotions such as Eucerin, or Johnson & Johnson baby lotion, baby oil, or a vapor rub have all been linked to aide in the removal or reduction of red bumps on your face. Doing so will only inflame the bumps and make them appear larger, and also may result in life-long scarring on the face.
Always apply shaving cream, and a really good one, to the skin before shaving and allow the shaving cream to sit on your face for a couple of minutes before shaving to help it soften the skin and hair. If things only get worse after you've done all you can, please contact a dermatologist, they will help! Going to see a dermatologist is always the best way to diagnose the problem, but due to work schedules and bad insurance coverage, it is not always the most feasible. Occasionally, people find that they have skin allergies to certain brands of items that they use every day at home, resulting in rash like, tiny bumps on the face.
If you suffer from regular razor bumps give your skin about 2-3 days of rest in between close shaves with a blade.

And whatever you do, don’t shave the same area more than twice to get a closer shave. Men and women, so I'm going to give you a few ways to get rid of these horrific body reactions.
You may want to consider an electric razor or beard trimmer for the other days to make sure your facial hair doesn’t get out of control. If you can avoid using those trendy 2, 3, and 4 blade razors, you really should, because those blades tend to lift and snap the hair back into place, giving you a closer shave and causing razor bumps.
You will have to make time in your busy day for both of these actions, but if you want to avoid the bumps.

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