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It's going to happen at some point: You're sitting there, having yourself a good cry due to (insert emotional drama here), and you have to compose yourself to meet with someone who you'd prefer not to know you've been crying.
Step 2If your eyes are really puffy, put some ice in a paper towel and lightly dab your cheeks. Step 3Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen will also lower the swelling; however you should take them immediately after crying to be the most effective.

Placing a cold tea bag or cucumber slice on the eyes has also been known to constrict the blood vessels and remove redness. If you were crying with makeup on, removing your makeup and starting over can be less trouble than fixing stand-alone makeup smears.
While you've collected yourself enough to stop crying, you still have those red and puffy marks on your cheeks as evidence of your sorrows.

That will only increase the redness and make your face more puffy, undoing all of your hard work.

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