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Waxing your upper lip or eyebrows might eliminate those unwanted stray hairs, but the process can also bring with it an unwelcome rash.
When hot wax is pulled off of your skin to remove unwanted hair at the root, a reaction is seemingly inevitable.
Women with sensitive skin or fair skin are more likely to notice red inflammation after facial waxing. Soothing the freshly-waxed skin immediately after the hair is removed and ensuring the skin remains healthy can reduce post-waxing redness.
Ice: Place an ice pack -- or in times of desperation, a bag of frozen vegetables -- on the upper lip or eyebrow to minimize inflammation and redness.
Milk: Dip a clean paper towel in a half skim milk, half water mixture and place it on your skin.
Hydrocortisone cream: Preemptively dab hydrocortisone cream on your skin immediately following a facial waxing session.

While some redness is nearly unavoidable after facial waxing, you can avoid major problems by properly prepping your skin for waxing. Avoid waxing when you're using any Retin-A-based products, which can result in serious skin reactions. If your skin remains red, inflamed or tender for more than 24 to 48 hours, contact your doctor to check for an allergic reaction. Freshly-waxed skin might feature tender or inflamed skin or even small, red bumps, which can be a sign of a simple skin reaction or an ingrown hair or infection. For many women, their upper lip or eyebrows will be red and streaky immediately following a wax.
A rash caused by irritant dermatitis occurs immediately after the waxing session and lasts for about 1-2 days.
Gently exfoliate the upper lip or forehead to clear out the pores, which can reduce the risk of infection or ingrown hairs.

The force that your esthetician uses to pull the hair out from under your skin causes this inflammation. On the other hand, contact dermatitis results in a rash 1-2 days after the facial waxing, and it can last for a few days. Redness will be more localized with an ingrown hair when compared to a typical post-waxing rash or allergic reaction.

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