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Body odor is the typical smell coming from our body due to bacterial development on the skin. Our body has two types of sweat glands Eccrine glands and apocrine glands.  The sweat secreted by Eccrine glands evaporates and leaves the skin dry and it does not help bacteria to multiply. Sometimes your diet is the culprit for causing this body odor; if you are eating very spicy food then too body has pungent smell. Deodorants help in temporary treatment of body odor; they are not permanent solution to the problem. You can make a natural deodorant at home too by mixing ? teaspoon glycerine with juice of two dozen radishes. During summers you need to take special care of your skin do not let it dry , so hydrate , exfoliate and moisturise it after every bath .
Dear ladies the struggles for improving your beauty care can be bored if you have the wrong tips but do not need to worry everything could be fixed and you will always fantastic. For making your beauty care routine easier we always collect and share with you the most impressive hacks for the most common beauty care struggles that all the women have.

Related Posts8 Clever Beauty Care Hacks And Solutions That Will Enhance Your RoutineHe Cuts The Front Of The Old Shirt.The Reason? All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. People think that sweating or perspiration is the cause for body odor, but it is not so.Perspiration helps in the multiplication of bacteria on our skin thus when we sweat we smell more. Whereas apocrine glands secrete sweat which helps bacteria to multiply and thus produce body odor. Since apocrine glands are situated in the armpits you can rub white vinegar on your armpit with the help of cotton ball and leave it that way. Healthy skin will not sweat heavily thus bacteria will also not grow on your skin to produce pungent smell.
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Getting a good shower with an antibacterial soap is the best way to get rid of these smelly bacteria. Antiperspirant deodorants containing aluminium chloride should be used by people who sweat a lot. Store this natural deodorant in refrigerator in a spray bottle so that it is easy to use every time you use.You can eliminate body odor by taking bath with rose water. During summers you can use baby talc instead of deodorants as powder will soak sweat while deodorants will make your armpits wet thus giving bacteria chance to increase. So by finding out the type of odor your body emits you can find the real cause of body odor and then consult your doctor and smell good.

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