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While most cholesterol spots form as a result of high blood cholesterol levels, they can sometimes arise on your skin when you have good levels of cholesterol too. Contact a qualified plastic surgeon or dermatologist and ask if he or she can remove the cholesterol spots from your face. One of the symptoms of familial hypercholesterolemia is fatty cholesterol deposits in the skin, known as xanthomas. Lipid keratopathy, a common condition in dogs, involves deposition of cholesterol in the cornea of the eye.
Acne or inflammatory trauma to the skin can easily cause dark spots, especially on Latinas because it causes our skin to overproduce melanin.

The bad news is that there's no easy way to remove them from your face; the good news is that it is possible if you're willing to discuss it with your doctor.
Use the tips of your fingers and rub gently in circular motions, as the delicate skin around your eyes can be easily damaged. Your doctor will make a small incision and remove the lump, often resulting in no more than a tiny scar. Cholesterol is necessary in the body for the functioning of many organs and cell production. While cholesterol spots are essentially harmless, they appear as pale bumps on your face, most often around your eyelids.

If they make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, it may be worth the effort to remove them.

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