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Bible Place Organization is  Dedicated to the study of God'sudden swelling above eyebrowswelling in thyroid gland after eatingswelling foot after surgery caesariansevere bruising and swelling after heart cathedible golf favors to make bumble bee sting swellingmouth sores toe swellswelling abdominal muscles and skin rednessdo lymph nodes swell after hernia surgeryswelling in left eye and footdoes vitamins cause acid reflux kids painful swelling around ankles with burnigng sensationball like swelling on feet guinea pigswhat causes redness and extreme swelling in stomach woundslymph gland swelling under eyes curepainfull knees wrists and swelling feet and anklesred swelling and stiffness in a leg cutconstant swelling of feet and ankles numb toes purple splotchesknuckle no swellingsymptoms of swelling to the ankles and shinsabdomen swelling alcohol withdrawalS WORD!! When you get your new skunk baby, or even an older rescue, you should worm it by following the instructions on the box.
Garlic and organic apple cider vinegar will help prevent internal and external parasite infestation. For roundworms you can just follow the directions on the box, or instructions from your vet, to rid your skunk of worms. Wash the skunks with a good (dog) shampoo, clean the rear end, under-side, legs, and pads of the feet. Don't forget bedding, toys, etc., we wash in HOT water, and go through the wash cycle twice then dry completely. If you suspect lung parasite infestation contact your vet and indicate that you suspect lungworms, get a fecal exam and chest X-ray to determine the type of parasite and the damage done. You can use a Pyrethrin-base shampoo to eliminate external parasites; do not use Hartz products.

This person came to the emergency department with a painful bump after the wrist was hit by a car door.
For example, if the box instructs you to worm (puppys) at 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 weeks, you would worm your skunk every week for three weeks THEN every other week for another six weeks (three times). You can spray alcohol over the areas until damp and let dry naturally, on carpets make sure you soak the nap of the carpet. If the skunk is caged at night or during the day you need to clean those areas with the alcohol when you bathe the skunks before they go back in. The pictures below show a (three pound) skunk and the large number of worms it passed when wormed.
Snails, slugs, earthworms, and fresh-water cray-fish are common intermediate hosts of lung worms and lung flukes. Numbers of lung parasites is not an indicator of the severity of the infestation, small numbers of lung parasites can produce severe damage to the air passages and lungs and may eventually cause asphyxiation. Take a couple of lemons and slice them up, add them to boiling water, and let them simmer for just a few minutes.

THEN wait 4 weeks and do a maintenance worm again to make sure the worms are cleared; if not you continue through the cycle the second time. Common symptoms of infestation are persistant coughing with breathlessness after high activity levels, decreased appetite, and weight loss (no bloating or swelling of the stomach or intestines).
We have used Albon to treat Coccidiosis and recommend dosing young skunks that have undergone undue stress to prevent complications.
If your skunk has a constant problem with roundworms it is probably being re-infested in your home, steam clean all floors and carpets. If you can keep the animals quarantined for a few days you can try a desiccant powder, or even table salt, left on for a few days, then vacuumed up (make sure the floor is dry after cleaning before you use one of these).

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