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How rid lime stains – rid stuff, Lemon juice acetic acid cuts stain, soap scum, explains organic compounds kitchen sinks bathroom .
Acting promptly and properly (remember: never rub a stain, and always spot check) is your best line of defense against these unwelcome surprises.
There are a few ways to tackle a splash of tannins and luckily they involve kitchen staples that you most likely have on hand.
Even if you’re squeaky clean, natural body oils can leave unsightly marks on collared shirts after just one wear.
Ingrie Williams is a stylist, editor and writer who specializes in translating the latest fashion and beauty trends into real looks for real women. Sweat is an unfortunate part of life that we all have to deal with, especially if you live in the Northeast during the summer (guys, it is so humid today that I don’t even know what to do with myself). Avoid Maxi Pads or Panty LinersWhen I was doing research for this post, I noticed that a lot of people on forums and blogs recommended wearing light maxi pads or panty liners to soak up vag sweat before it can stain your clothes.
Source Try Anthony No Sweat Body DefenseThere are some products out here that are made to deal with down there sweat. Anthony No Sweat Body Defense, $20, UltaChoose Cotton UnderwearIf you're trying to combat vag sweat, you should avoid all underwear fabrics except for cotton. Hane's Women's Constant Comfort X-Temp Hipster Panties 3-Pack, $9.99, HanesTry Lush Silky Underwear PowderI mention this Lush powder in every article I write about sweat, and for good reason. Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, $7.95, LushUse Baby PowderDon't want to get all fancy with special powders?

If the item doesn’t have a ‘dry clean only’ tag all may not be not lost if a bit of wine or drip of salad-dressing has landed on you.
An old toothbrush and a bit of regular shampoo (sulfates are necessary to breakup the grease) will help buff out these marks quickly. An at-home treatment can work, but if your tote is truly precious it’s best to whisk it off to pro. Some people are sweatier than others, and those extra-sweaty people know that the struggle is real. Sweating from your vagina leads to embarrassing sweat stains you can’t explain and also a ton of discomfort.
Again, your vag is sweating because you're hot, so anything extra down there is going to make it worse. If you're going to be exercising or you do a sport, you should definitely buy yourself some moisture-wicking underwear.
Then reach for a good ol’ fashioned glass of milk, dabbing the stain with a milk-moistened clean cloth or soaking the garment until the stain disappears. We all sweat, and it’s nothing to stress over, but I understand if you want to tone it down a bit, especially as we go through August, one of the hottest months ever.
You're sweating down there because you're hot - do you really think adding extra material is going to make things better? Baby powder helps with chafing and sweating, and is usually sensitive enough to be used in your vaginal area.

Use a piece of tape to remove most of the waxy substance from the fabric, then gently dab talcum powder on to the remaining stain to lift it out.
It might soak up your sweat, but it will also make you sweat more, and it will be uncomfortable. Sprinkle table salt on the stain (it will absorb the red wine), stretch the stain over a bowl and then gently pour boiling water over the area to flush it away.
Avoid using panty liners or maxi pads (if you don't have your period) to avoid more irritation to the area.
They're typically made of light material, so they won't be too warm, and they look so cute. It’s best to aim for a little height when pouring the water to help push the stain out. If you can't imagine wearing pants, go for loose and breezy shorts or a skirt rather than denim shorts or a tight mini skirt.

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